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Use extender after newbie routine

Use extender after newbie routine

I’m just starting this PE stuff and I’m wondering if the penis should heal in an extended state? Like if I finish the newbie routine then put on a Penimaster extender, will that be okay to do and be beneficial?

I want to add length/girth and help my flaccid state.

Let it free buddy.

Marinera; Do you feel the penis should be let heal in an “enlarged” state? Such as a slight cockring, or just let it heal alone?

If it needs to heal, it shouldn’t heal in an ‘enlarged state’; if you apply tension on damaged connective tissue, what you are doing is just delaying the recover - I’m basing this opinion on published studies on the subject and also on the opinion of people who professionally deal with connective tissue.

Now this lead to the question: does our penis needs ‘to heal’ after a PE session? I think when you are a newbie the penis is not accustomed at all to the stress imposed by PE, so there is a chance that you have caused some degree of significant damage.Then, better that you let it recover.

For the intermediate or vet PEer, I don’t think causing significant damage is easy; so it makes sense to go on applying some stress after the PE session, wearing a cockring or an extender, because as long you don’t damages tissue, the more prolonged the traction the more pronounced the lengthening effect.

Okay thanks for the info. I’ll just give it a couple months of the noobie routine before I try it. I really hate being a ‘grower’ is all, but I don’t want to risk an injury that would be foolish.

Thanks Marinera! Appreciate the reply.

I definately feel sore, not insane, but I can feel soreness / fatigue, so I agree, anyone new to PE and sticking with a new regimine, needs to rest also.

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