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Untraditional PE Exercises


Thanks, Upto7, for the correction. I really feel my lats engaging when I do the wide, palms facing away pull-up - but I totally understand what you mean about the different exercises effectiveness - and which muscles are actually engaging. Thanks for the clarification.

Kubchaser pm’d me some really great questions that require clarification, so I thought I would post my responses here:

- Hatha Yoga is designed to break down the accumulated tensions stored within the body from (lifetimes of!) world existence. It’s more than just an exercise, it really starts to let you break free of old patterns, emotions, physical & mental restrictions - as well as preparing the mind for the rigors of meditation. That said, I am assuming that you have some background experience with these postures, in order to apply them in this advances application with PE. If you have never worked in yoga before, the experience of PEing while doing yoga postures will become about doing the pose right, where are my hips and limbs supposed to be, etc. instead of opening up to the tremendous internal unfolding that it can provide. Once you can regularly access that opening through repetition, an internal wish to open inside, and a dynamic use of the breath, then you can start to move that opening down into the ligaments and muscles surrounding your cock. If you have never done this before - it will be nigh impossible, most likely.

In order to uncover this for yourself, you NEED to find someone who can teach you - watching videos and reading about yoga is great to do, but unless you can find someone with a true depth of experience and understanding, and can transmit that knowledge to you - this will remain a dead practice (Jud, is the sanskrit term). When you find someone who has accomplished that opening themselves, it’s as if they are able to open some internal doors inside of you - to allow that to take place. I cannot stress highly enough the importance of finding a living teacher with real depth of practice, that can share that with you - it’s truly invaluable. The same is true in meditation, as well.

On the very practical end of things, how do I stretch my cock while doing these asanas? Well, for example, if I am doing a side-stretch for my penis - I could come into Virabhadrasa II (Warrior 2), and use my forward reaching arm to pull my cock towards my forward, bent knee. The extension through my back hip directly moves into my pelvic girdle, allowing a deeper opening on the side of my penis. For Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) - I usually use my bottom arm to provide support on my forward leg, while my top arm grabs hold of my dick and pulls it upward. This is pulling it in the complete opposite direction from Virabhadrasana II, where I was maximizing the stretch upon by using the external rotation in my back leg. Here, I am pulling into the external rotation, thereby changing my cock’s relationship to the pelvis completely, while still stretching the same side of my cock. It’s like trying to stretch the side of your neck while your facing forward, vs. when your spine is rotated: you may be stretching the same side, but the placement of the body is different, so thereby the stretch changes.

Lastly, remember to work at your edge - really challenging your limits - but recognize when you are about to cross over the edge (both in PE and Yoga). If, for example, Malasana (Garland Pose) is a HUGE pose to hang out in - be gentle! Stay there as long as you feel comfortable, make modifications by using props to support the posture, and know when you’re finished for the session. Slowly work your way into it, with regular (daily) attempts, and soon enough you will feel things open up inside, and you will be able to spend enough time there to not only do your jelqs, but also feel that deep pelvic floor release that I am describing. Even if you stay sitting on a block for the next 10 years, but can still access that internal release, you’re in great shape. Try to maximize where you can work, but don’t go past your limits - because that’s where injury occurs - and as I say to my Yoga classes, “You’re no longer breaking down tension, you’re creating it.”

There will be more to come as I reflect more on these questions, and can hopefully provide valuable responses for everyone! Good journeys!!

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I just looked up images for the garland pose. Thats amazing, are you sure this wasn’t invented for ancient pe? It seems so perfect for it. I’m having a more difficult time visualizing the warrior 2 pose with pe, but I guess I will have to try it to see how that would work. I have a difficult time enough doing the triangle pose, but I guess my balance will just have to get better to do with the added pe. Are you sure this doesn’t change the fundementals of each pose? I will probably have to take a class or two to learn how to do things properly. Do you think somewhere in the world there is a pe & yoga combination class? How about Chi Dong? (chi gong and pe together!) Tai chi would be interesting with an erection. But most of these things weren’t invented with that in mind.

Absolutely amazing post. You inspired me. I currently have no time to spend at all in my everyday life but I will look into Hatha Yoga. Maybe I can squeeze it in somehow.

PS. I bought the Self - Hypnosis mp3 while I was reading your post. Very good. Thumbs up my friend.

Keep up the good work.

This thread has some awesome information and is a great read.

I’ll have to try working some of this into my routine if I can.

Thanks Ganesh10in.

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Another good one is BTC in vajra-asana!

Great thread!

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I’m bumping this thread to highlight the really great post by Ganesh from back in 2010. I found it by searching for myofacial as I saw it referenced in another post but there’s lots more here too!

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Originally Posted by Blindpew
I’m bumping this thread to highlight the really great post by Ganesh from back in 2010. I found it by searching for myofacial as I saw it referenced in another post but there’s lots more here too!

I haven’t researched his posts too much, but I can see he was someone with great personality and very useful directions and guides in PE and life. Really amazing thread, looking forward to read and absorb some more.

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