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Uncut Guys

Uncut Guys

Do uncut guys see any difference in gains from p.e?

Also after losing your virginity has anyone’s skin remained intact. (Skin refers to the little strip joining your penis to your foreskin.)

Hi yorke, in answer to your second question, my skin has remained intact. In fact I have never heard that it doesn’t!

In my country there are a lot of uncut people, and a lot of them see this as a sign of losing your virginity.

I’m uncut, I’m intact and I reckon that PE has thickened the foreskin a little.

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I´m uncut and i didn´t see any changes, although my cousin was uncut and he bleed like a pig when he lost his virginity

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Hm, never heard of this “change in foreskin after losing virginity thing” before..

I’m pretty sure that only applies to people who have a tight foreskin I.e. Doesn’t pull all the way back, and/or a thin frenulum.

There isn’t any differences in gains between cuts and uncuts.

The ‘little strip’ is called frenulum and yes, it should remain intact after loosing verginity. If it get broken or harmed, you have a short and/or weak frenulum.

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