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Umm yeah :

Umm yeah :

Ok last night was the first time jacking off didn’t do anything for me. I did it for an hour and nothing *tear* but that nothing became a something this morning. My dick is sore on the inside and outside with like a scratchy sore thing that hurts to be touched (kind of stingy) This ever happen to anyone else?

So let me see your first time jerking off was last night!? Wow way to save your masturbating virginity, lol but you probably just worked your dick to much because you probably aren’t used to it. How old are you? And also you’ll get used to it soon and plus you’ll have fun that apparently you have been missing out on.


Are you on anti-depressants? Prozac affected me that way.

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The more interesting bit is:
Why didn’t you stop wanking if it didn’t give you any of the good feelings you want (and usually get from it) ?

Just a thought,

P.S: Unless some thing changed in your life (general mood, medicine intake, too much sex ;) , etc.) I would NOT.. think about it hard now ;)

HAHA I’m almost 19 and I’m CERTAINLY not a jack off noob, I’ve been doing it since 15 I think.

But yes I was on umm.. Some medicine and like it might be it? I didn’t know strong meds would do that .. It was horrible, I thought it was broke!

O yeah forgot to answer Ys Q. I didn’t stop probably because the medicine made me not think clearly and I didn’t realise it was NEVER gonna happen so I just kept going till it hurt bad enough to make me stop

O by the way. I can’t check my private message for some reason? Am I doing something wrong or is this just down or something?


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