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Tunica to ligs to tunica to ligs and so on

Tunica to ligs to tunica to ligs and so on

A theory I have is that since you are supposed to stretch the tunica if you have a low LOT, I have read tunica stretching can increase your LOT, so you would go back to lig gains, then when your LOT gets low again, back to tunica and so on. Does this make sense?

I’ve read about other people doing exactly this. I’m not sure who, but I remember one of the biggest gainers on this site used this method of working ligs vs tunica depending on his current lot. I think he found this effective. Best of luck!

4/15/06 6 BPEL 4.75 EG 7/28/06 6.375 NBPEL 6.75 BPEL 5 EG 7.5 BPFSL

8/5/06 7 BPEL 5 EG 6.5 NBPEL

Goal: 8 NBPEL 6.25 EG

There’s no real evidence that any of this LOT business is valid. Stretching in all directions is probably as good an approach as any.

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