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try as I might, I just don't understand LOT

try as I might, I just don't understand LOT

I just don’t get the LOT theory despite reading over the Bib’s LOT a few times. I personally think it should be reworked. But that’s just my opinion. Maybe I’m just dumb. I’m going to start by presenting what I think I know about LOT-which isn’t much, and then I’ll state what I don’t know about LOT-which is probably too much.

LOT=”loss of Tug”

When you pull your member tightly-but not too tightly- and perform a kegel(by flexing the sphincter muscle-you know the one that makes you stop from urinating) there is a certain thrust backward toward your body. This is the tug. Your sphincter is tugging the penis back;it is working to counter the force of your hand.

At certain angles however such a tug ceases. That is you can pull your penis outward but there will be no recoil: your sphincter will flex but your penis will remain stationary, more or less. The convention used to measure the approximate angle is the clock. 12:00 is vertical, 9:00 is horizontal(parallel with the floor), and 6:00 is straight down.

So much for what I think I know. Now for what I’m quite unsure of.
I’ll use myself as an example. I have a strong tug up at 12:00-My hand and penis are yanked back when I kegel. I get similar action at around 11:00. Then again at around 10:00. But when I dip to below 10:00 there is no tug. I think this might by my LOT. The angle at which I experience a loss of tug. When I go to 9:00 and all the way down to 6:00 there is still no tug. There is only a tug between 12:00 and a little below 10:00. I think this means I have loose ligaments, in which case I won’t be a fast gainer by stretching the Ligs. I shouldn’t expect those miraculous 2 inch gains in the first few months which some of us have read about.

I should instead focus on Tunica work, stretching the shaft itself as opposed to the ligaments on the inside.

Is this analysis correct or have I completely misuderstood the LOT as I believe I have?

Also read this so you have a better understanding of the anatomy.

Then read this and see if you even need to understand this theory.

First, replace “sphincter” with bulbocavernosus (BC) muscle- a technical point, but you have the basic idea.

Next, where the loss of tugback (LOT) occurs indicates where your supporting ligaments interrupt the direct tugback created by kegeling (flexing of the BC).

The tugback is still happening - but on the inside of your body; running from your BC muscle to your ligs.
Why you no longer see or feel this externally is because your ligs are now taking the stress of your tug - they have in essence “interrupted” the direct line of tension from your grip to your BC.

This following isn’t perfectly accurate, but it will help illustrate the point:

A. Imagine that your shaft runs in a straight line from your grip to your BC when you hold it at 12:00.
B. This straight line is still uninterrupted at 11:00
C. By 10:00 and lower your shaft is now in more of an upsidedown “V” shape - with the crease of the upsidedown “V” happening being where your shaft meets your ligs.

A. (l) = 12:00
B. (\) = 11:00
C. (^) 10:00 - on down to 6:00

*From 10:00 on down to 6:00 your ligs are supporting your shaft.

In theory, a 10:00 loss of tug back says that your ligs are very high and tight - and if the conventional wisdom is correct (that ligs are easier to stretch than shaft is to grow) you are in a very good position to make faster and easier length gains.

Why? Because loosening/lengthening your ligs will reveal more of your existing inner shaft on the outside of your body.
You do not have to create/grow this extra shaft, it in theory already exists on the internal side of your ligs.

It’s best if you understand the theory, Huff. Everyone should.

mine is at about an 8:00, is this bad?

Very bad, fark.

Just kidding :) …in theory, 8:00 tells you that there is still a decent amount of room in your ligs to gain with by stretching at lower angles.

Remember, according to the LOT theory 6:00 means someone has tapped out ligs; there is no further room in them to give. 8:00 is worth concentrating on lower angles first, in my most humble opinion.

thanks for you advice. Its much appreciated

I want to extend my thanks to CaptnHook, Westla, and Thunder for their help.

Especially Captn. Your description of the basic mechanisms involved in the tugback was crystal clear. Thanks for lending a helping hand to a newbie. I study math and physics at the University of Toronto, but the LOT theory makes these weighty subjects seem like child’s play.

You’re welcome guys - but I have to warn you that this is as far as my “helping hand” extends. You will have to execute your routines using your own paws.

Further investigate the theory so you can better decide what value it offers you and your objective. The most conclusive test though will be to apply it, and see what results.

Welcome to Thunder’s Place.

I really didn’t get the concept until you cleared it up Cap. Thanks.

BTW, if I understand correctly, the Loss of Tug is the visual one that we should be aiming for. If I ‘feel’ for loss of tug, I can go below 6 O’clock. If I go by sight, it’s around 7-7:30.

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Originally Posted by new_member
I really didn’t get the concept until you cleared it up Cap. Thanks.
BTW, if I understand correctly, the Loss of Tug is the visual one that we should be aiming for. If I ‘feel’ for loss of tug, I can go below 6 O’clock. If I go by sight, it’s around 7-7:30.

same here, I can’t visually see the tugback past about 8, but I can still sort of feel it. I would like to know too.

If I recall, Bib made clear that it is the visual tug back you are concerned with - you should see your glans move back toward your body. Though, because the ligs themselves are affected by the tension of the kegeling BC muscle there will likely always be some small amount of perceptable tug back (at least as far as the ligs themselves are concerned).

I think you also have to keep in mind that regardless of your LOT you are “feeling” the kegel as you flex the BC, and this can be slightly deceiving in and of itself.


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