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Trouble with Stretching--Getting Erections

Trouble with Stretching--Getting Erections

Hey Guys,

I’m new to the forum and I’m really glad for all the support here.
I tried searching for my problem, but I couldn’t come up with anything. But if you do know a thread, please let me know.

Basically, I’ve been trying to start the newbie routine today and I’ve encountered two problems.

First, while doing the manual stretches, I keep getting erections. Looking at the videos, I realize that my penis should not be in an erect but a pretty flaccid state. How do you guys maintain a flaccid state?

Second, Does anyone have problems with slipping? I was reading some of the recommended lubrication and I’m currently using a lotion, but my hand keeps slipping, making it difficult to do some stretches. Anyone have any ideas on avoiding this?

I thank you in advance for any help.


Hahahahah thanks

I think that scared a couple inches off my penis

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Here, this should help.

Anti-erection Device

LOL :)

You can try edging for a while before you strech, and doing kegels. This will tire your penis out a bit.

For a better grip there is no sense in using lube. Try toilet paper, works great for me.

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