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Trip to vegas a decon break?

Trip to vegas a decon break?

What do you think? 6 days in Las Vegas a decon break?

only light stretches after a taking a leak?

good plan or bad plan?

Starting: (15X11.2 cm)(EV:9.13ci) Current: (17.5 X 11.9cm)(EV:12.07ci) Future: LONG AND THICK

Short term goal: (18.1X12.2cm)(EV:13.08ci) Long term goal: 22X16 cm EV: 26.31ci

All measurements are BPEL and Average girth (top shaft erect, mid shaft erect, and base erect) Journey Began on 1-20-10 Target date: 8-30-13

I hear you. I’m planning my week-long De-conditioning break in early August. At that point I will have been going strong for slightly over 6 months - bar any unforeseen injuries.

I guess the question is; how long will you have been going at PE full-time, when your Vegas trip rolls around?

Started: BPEL 6.0 - MSEG 4.375 (2-26-10)

Current: BPEL 6.6 - MSEG 4.8

Ultimate Goal: BPEL 7.5 - MSEG 5.5 ~ The only thing more stubborn than my Penis, is me

PE shouldn’t interfere with life.

Vegas is livin’.

6 days is just enough time you to achieve a good strong plateau. Good luck, both on the tables and after your return to PE.

09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

Now BPEL:8 5/8 x 6 5/8 PE Weights

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