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Traction Versus Hanging

Traction Versus Hanging

Can any of the senior members here offer any thoughts on the differences in effectiveness of hanging and traction devices? It seems to me they both work on pretty much the same physiological basis, I.e. Applying a stretch to the penis over an extended period of time. Incidentally I’m not interested in hearing a diatribe on the difficulties of the infamous noose on traction devices (I currently use a Jes Extender and have no major problems with the noose).

I’d be curious to hear more from others. The obvious difference is the amount of weight that can be used. I’m not certain what the highest tension settings of the traction devices is equivalent to in weight used while hanging, but I’m guessing 7 lbs. or so. Stretching with 7 lbs. all day long should be useful. But some people hang all day long with significantly more weight.

Hey Jim,

Strong speculative arguments for either approach can be mustered with reference to anatomical theory, but frankly there are no compelling real-world data showing which approach is superior for making actual gains. I would suggest sticking with your current routine until gains dry up, at which point you ought to look into hanging as an alternative for further gains. You could also consider combining the two approaches, which some guys have done with safety and success. Be careful though.

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Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
but frankly there are no compelling real-world data showing which approach is superior for making actual gains.

Aren’t the “real-world” data collected here at TP at least somewhat compelling? And doesn’t this data show that hanging is capable of yielding much more length increase than traction devices? Bib gained something like 4” from hanging, and it seems that 2”+ gains are not infrequent. I’ve never heard of anything like this from users of traction devices; albeit, these devices do not have as much history here as hanging.

Personally, I would be happy to learn that the traction devices might be comparable in results to hanging, as I simply do not have the privacy to hang.

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