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Too high starting traction force with KR extender

Too high starting traction force with KR extender

Hi all,

I’ve had some experience with hanging SO with a pulley. This gave me a slight increase in length and greatly diminished a sideways curvature. I used 2 lbs for 15-20 minutes, 2 times a day

Now I’ve bought a KR extender and want to use it for multiple hours a day. I measured the traction force to be between 2,2 and 3 lbs. The ‘official’ extenders like andro penis and the JES extender let you start at 1,25 lbs (according to the manuals I found online). Quite a difference!

With those extenders you should only gradually build up to 2 and later perhaps 3 lbs of force.

Could I be giving away lots of possible progress by starting out at the high amount of force the KR extender is providing?

It is unwise to start at high levels of force in anything. Except thinking, perhaps .

But with PE there is every possible reason to start low and work up - no matter how experienced you are. There just may be a weakness that you are not aware you have and it only take a few minutes for the damage to happen.

Whatever you do start at a low level and worjk upwards from that.

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Are you sure you are correctly understanding the manual and the use of the device? First days or weeks the extender should be worn with very little tension, by what I know. There are several threads about extenders here, check some out-

The JES manual mentions placing some oil on the moving parts. Maybe this will help out.

Thanks for your replies! :)

I’m having trouble finding KR specific posts and threads. Do you guys know of any good ones?

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