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TOO erect while jelqing


I don’t think there”s any problem doing erect jelqs, don’t do them to hard or you could hurt yourself

I’m 20, and at my age erections are a dime a dozen. I have a very hard time staying in that prime 60-70% range. Hopefully it becomes easier with experience, however until then, whenever I need to soften up my hard-on I try to solve complex arithmetic in my head (I.e. 25x13=?). By the time I solve it I’m typically in the optimal zone for jelqing, stretches, etc.

If you want to keep your penis down while jelqing just do a kegel between every jelq. It usually works for me

Another thing to try, in addition to these great suggestions, is to change the method of jelq. Sometimes it works for me. E.g., if you’re sitting down and jelqing with your unit aiming to the ground and you find yourself getting too hard, take a couple second break, then aim it to the sky and jelq. And the reverse too. Sometimes changing things up gives an opportunity for you to not want to bust the nut.

Also, I’ve read on here that refraining from ejaculating around PE sessions is a good thing for results. I don’t have enough experience to say for sure whether I agree, though I think I am leaning in that direction. But there is, in one way, an indirect benefit to holding out. It’s kind of like a test of your will. If you can avoid holding off ejaculating (a strong urge), then you probably have the will power to do PE the next day as well. It’s like a little promise to yourself, or a kind of incentive to keep at it. Reward yourself on an off day with a spunk filled afternoon. But, if you can get laid, then have at it. I’m mainly talking about the great adolescent past time..

Man, I’ve gotta say. I believe in PE. Still getting the hang of it, but I believe.

Originally Posted by tdiddy540
What is the rule of thumb here?

Jelqing with higher erections is more girth and Jelqing with lower erections is more length. So I guess it depends on what you are going for. My routine is short enough that I can do it in the shower, so if I get too hard I can just “wash” a different part of my body and the erection goes away a lot faster.

Or if you need help you can pretend that you are Rosie and you are rubbing chicken grease all over yourself.

I do this also, jelq / wash / jelq / wash / jelq / shave.


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