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Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali

Has anyone tried using tongkat ali?

I’m considering it to boost my testosterone levels.
I’ve heard it can be dangerous, so I assume it should be cycled?

Any notes on how to use it?
Also, know of how to check the quality of the source or have a list of reputable sources?

Seems like ebay is the best place to find the stuff.


What is it?

Do a few searches on the site, there’s been a number of posts on it.

I’m trying it now, the standard dose of 1 g of a 1:50 aqueous extract with a large breakfast each morning. I do this for 7-9 days followed by a 3-4 day layoff. I’m into my 4th week. I did not test serum free and total testosterone before starting, nor have I since, so I can’t say if it has effects claimed for it. I did check total cholesterol, LDL and HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, fasting blood glucose and blood pressure, a year ago and just this past week. All measures were quite similar then and now, with any change being minor and in the “good” direction. This is encouraging since a doctor advised me that an herb that increased free testosterone in a 54 year old man might have adverse effects on cardiovascular health. One side effect has been minor stomach upset and diarrhea; this is abating. Subjectively, I feel pretty normal. Since life experiments like this one are by their nature uncontrolled (I don’t know how I’d have felt these past weeks had I not taken it), I hesitate to jump to any conclusions. Also, I’m cautious about the placebo effect. With these caveats in mind, I’ll hazard some observations: I may be somewhat more alert than usual; my interest in sex with my wife is normal or slightly improved; my sexual performance is unchanged (basically good if in the morning, fair if at night); I may be slightly more assertive at work; my sense of enjoyment of life is unchanged (I.e., good). There is abundant discussion of this herb on the web. I bought mine from Sumatra Pasak Bumi. My research suggests they are a reputable source.

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