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Toilet Water


I have had issues with this. Depends on the toilet. The worst is when it happens at a public restroom. Gross.

It’s happened to me on a few occasions. Not a nice surprise.

Lots of variables: types of toilets, flaccid hang at the moment, sitting position on the toilet. etc.

Quite often I just hang on to it so it doesn’t plop into the bowl, or sit completely upright


Is it true that defecation hurts gains?

My sack hangs pretty low, it can sometimes get a little wet depending on how relaxed my nuts are.

But this sounds more like the dude is putting up the toilet seat and sitting on the bowl.

This reminded me an old story.

Winter night, two homeless meet in the middle of the Golden Gate. They’re pissing.
- Cold night uh?
- You should feel the water…

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