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To Tell or Not to Tell


To Tell or Not to Tell

Hey fellas - just started PE in early November and have gained a half inch in BPEL and a quarter inch in EG. This stuff really does work. My question is this: What are your thoughts on sharing your PE experience with your close friends/relatives? I am debating on whether or not to share the info with my best friend and my brother. They would probably look at me like I am nuts but then again they would most likely take my advice and start doing PE. There is no doubt that both me and my lady feel the difference (especially in girth) even after such a small gain. I have not told her anything about PE but she has made comments several times lately about it feeling tight - I feel it as well.

What have been your experiences with sharing PE with your friends?

Originally Posted by PumpandStretch
…My question is this: What are your thoughts on sharing your PE experience with your close friends/relatives? …

You definitely have to tell your mother :p

But seriously, keep it to yourself, no need for people you know to know it. You can be misunderstood.

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Before I started PE I shared it with my g/f. She and I are very honest with each other. I explained the benefits for both of us as well as the health benefits for me (kegels for prostate, etc.) Needless to say, she was all for it. Now only after 2 weeks, she really notices a difference in my length and girth and is pleased for me being honest and sharing this with her.
My advice, be honest, let her know it’s for HEALTH.

Anyway, that’s my two cents.
Good Luck.

I have shared it with only my girlfriend. She was so fascinated by it all she even joined Thunders as one of our few female members (Butterflykiss).

We mainly read posts together and whilst she maintains I am ‘big enough’ she knows why I am doing it (because I can, I like it and I want to do it) and respects me for that.

I can’t imagine telling anyone else though (“hey mum, you wouldn’t believe how much my dick has grown…”). I also have a very close best (male) friend but once again, I cannot imagine ever bringing it up in conversation. I guess the exception would be if for some reason he mentions something like “well we’re all stuck with what we’ve got” or something similar.


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I obviously wouldn’t tell any female relatives. Just debating on whether to tell my brother and my best friend, both of whom I am very close to

My girlfriend knows, my cousin knows and also some friends do. I consider my self open to this subject.

I let my dad and brothers in on it. It was akward to at first, but now it’s all good. A few buddies know I do it too.

With all respect to those that discuss it with others.. Why tell?? I think unless you don’t have a lock on your bathroom door then you shouldn’t have a problem. Probably the only person you would ever need to tell is your doctor because you over did it and your penis is now not working properly. I think it’s up to each person to decide if they’re comfortable discussing it.

I think you have to ask if there is some kind of ego involved with telling. This happens with any endeavor. Stock traders are the worst. They always have to tell people of their good trades and seem to be very quiet when the trades go bad. Why tell anyone unless they ask? My plan is to just do it. I’ve had the urge to tell a few people and I realize it’s something in my ego that wants them to know I’m getting or trying to get bigger. I catch myself and realize that there is really nothing to be gained by telling anyone. Guess I figure talking about my dick in the first place to my friends says something.

Ironically I’m here on this site talking about it so I guess that is a way for me to at least have conversations about it with others that are doing the same.

Unless you are insecure and sensitive about it keep it to your self. If you have no problem dealing with the consequences then there should be no debate. That’s just my opinion though.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Keep them guessing. Several of my friends and relatives have noticed that I’m packing more than I used to. I catch them checking me out—not as a come-on (thank God) but just in an effort to figure out what the hell is going on.

It is fun when my wife’s friends notice. I caught a particularly luscious female friend of hers glaring straight at my crotch the other day, when I had an unmistakable downward arc in my trousers. She was just smiling, chatting about some random subject, and staring at my crotch. I can’t say I minded that.

That said, I think that telling people is awkward and probably a burden on them, since they have to endure the awkwardness right along with you. If you don’t tell them, and just let them notice on their own, they’ll just wonder and puzzle about it. And, as my story suggests, it can also make for sexy play with female friends. Why spoil a good thing?

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Unless you feel they are really troubled with their size, I wouldn’t bring it up. You might just open a box of Pandora on them. Meaning that this information could make them think about this stuff when they were perfectly happy the way the were and are. I’d say the ignorant happy people are in a better place than some of us dick growing maniacs.:D

Anyway, you know them better than we do

I would only talk about it on Thunders. I’ve gotten as far as sharing sex strategies and even erection enhancing supplements with male friends, but you just never know how someone is going to feel about you after you reveal PE. My little brother is 14, and in puberty your results are doubled (according to Shane Diesel), but I still would never tell him.

And to everyone in this thread, we all know how much personal info women tell their friends and boyfriends about men they’ve been with. We’ve all heard about the guy with the big or small dick, or the guy who was uncircumcised, the guy with the piercing, ect. Women tell, people tell - your secret will never be safe.

Most women don’t even know about PE, which is a good thing. Personally, I think some of the pride associated with size is taken away if the women knows you weren’t born with it and you actually had to yank on it to make it big.

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So what did you decide to do?

Originally Posted by PumpandStretch
…but then again they would most likely take my advice and start doing PE.

A big no to this from my side. Maintaining the discipline for a regular workout, whether that is bodybuilding, aerobics, running long distances or penis enlargement, is something few people do possess an apt mindset for.

Everybody knows he can have a well-shaped, healthy body by just doing appropriate exercises on a regular basis and with enough persistence to keep at it for several years. Nonetheless, very few do it. Same accounts for PE.

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I say that you should wait till you gain 1” in length. Then, it will sound “worth it” to them, and even if they do not take up PE, they’ll know that it was worth it to you.

I told many people about PE, too many actually. I’m not kidding when I say that I have even told my mother. Although, I was 17 when I told her about it, and was going through wretched heartache from a former relationship with a girl that I loved, and felt inadequate for. Oddly enough, other than the initial lig pops (which I may have gained from, but didn’t measure before them), I have gained nothing from PE. I have had a major problem with being consistent.


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