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To PE or not to PE?


Same thing happened to me yesterday- I wash my penis after finishing my workout to get the lubricant off, and my penis feels kinda weak and small. Shouldn’t it feel the opposite- engorged and warm? I’m still not sure if it’s the water that is causing this or if it is negative PIs. What do you guys usually feel down there after a workout? Do you guys wash the lubricant off?

Washing off the lubricant is a good idea. You want to be comfortable. If the lubricant left on doesn’t feel comfortable, then it should go. Also, the lubricant left on can develop laundry issues.

About the weak and small feeling: Was the feeling strong and engorged during the work out? How long does the weak and small situation last?

I would say my unit feels relatively strong and engorged during the workout. I believe my EQ has dropped a little bit maybe 2 weeks ago, as well as my sex drive. After my work out, it just feels normal, not bad. However, I thought I read that it should continue to be at least a little bit engorged after jelqing? Do I need to worry about this or is this ok?

Let me begin by saying, I do not consider myself an expert with this. My intention with the questions was to help clarify the situation thinking someone would come along and give great advice.

There are routines which are one day on and then some time off or two days on and then time off. This maybe an indicator of need for a day off. There are many differences amongst individuals, one has to test the situation to learn what works best for himself. A day off might be appropriate.


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