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To Big Girtha

To Big Girtha

I was wondering how exactly did you get your incredible girth gains. I would PM you but I am sure others on the forum would like to know. Thanks!

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Sorry, I was late seeing this thread:
It’s hard to say exactly what has brought my gains, because I have literally done everything and done it with great enthusiasm for nearly three years, probably with much more enthusiasm than is safe. I started with the newbie routine, then pumped, hung, clamped and extended. I use canning tongs for jelqing and twisting and stretching.

I would imagine edging in the tube and or clamp has brought most of my girth gains, and hanging and manual stretching probably brought the length. I think the most important rule in PE is keeping the shaft extended after length work and keeping the shaft engorged after girth work with the use of ADSs for length and a traction wrap or cock ring or pe weights after girth work, I also hold ejaculations during girth days.

I use the AutoExtender when I’m sitting and peweights when I’m on my feet. I never sit anywhere in private that I’m not setting on my dick, and I sleep in a Bed Fowfer. I drink lots of water and take supplements. I also begin and end every PE day with a four mile power-walk wearing 2LBs of pe weights ending with manual stretching in the hot tub 104 degree water and then swim laps wearing two pounds of pe weights in very chilly pool water. I think this hot and cool tissue stretch somehow sets micro-tears. But I could be wrong about this. I was once advised by Sunny, who is knowledgeable of tissue deformation, that this might be an unhealthy practice perhaps even dangerous, so I don’t advise it.

For girth I think we need to keep engorged as much as possible (Controlled Priapism) and for length we need to keep stretched out as much as possible (ADS of your choice, piss pulls Fowfers.) Never let it turtle.

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