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Time management issue. please help need info

Time management issue. please help need info

Ok I need help one week I can do my whole newbe routine and pump once maybe like 4 times a week while the next I’m piled up with homework and can be only do my routine twice a week.. Will I still have gains or am I just waisting time.. With school and work.. I have hardly enough time in private to do my routine.. Is doing the the routine only twice a week even work trying to gain


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Hey bobisback what sort of routine are you doing? (time involved for each exercises etc) I find I can do most of my routine in my morning shower and finish in my evening shower (clean guy lol) and I just do lots and lots of kegels at school during class. I imagine if you cant do your routine often some weeks… as long as you spend the time you get very well you should still see some gains I would expect. But I am a newb as well. Hopefully I somehow helped.

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Originally Posted by bobisback
Will I still have gains or am I just waisting time..

I think you are waisting time with school. Who needs an education when you have a big dick. :buttrock:

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

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I don’t think your wasting your time.On the weeks when you can only PE twice think of that as a maintenance week,and try to maybe squeeze in an extra day on the weeks when your not bogged down with school work.You can do a light stretching or jelq session anytime your in the shower.In my opinion any PE you can fit into your schedule will be of some benefit in the long run.

Consistency is key. I’ve adjusted my schedule to make time to do it, because it’s important to me. All about priorities - and a bigger dick is one of mine.

Also - since I don’t have much free time either, I’ve found I could do alot with an ADS. There are posts on how to make one; I built two of them for $12 total (I’ve since switched to something else though).

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