Time clamped vs gains

There was a thread for this for hangers, and I am curious what values clampers would come up with for average hours needed for a 1/8” gain. If anyone has kept a good routine and would do the math, I would be interested in the results.

For a hypothetical example, say you gained .75 inches in 6 months of 5 days a week of 3 ten minute sessions.

3 sets x 10 mins x 5 days x 26 weeks = 3,900 minutes or 65 hours clamped. Dividing by 6 to get average per 1/8”, you get about 10.8 hours in the clamp for 1/8”.

This does leave out whether or not you are doing bends, using other exercises, individual variances in technique, etc, but anybody strictly clamping could come up with some possibly meaningful yet anecdotal numbers.

I would go first, but I have recently restarted a clamping routine this week.

Any takers?