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Thunder's Place FKs with my mind

Thunder's Place FKs with my mind

.Until I realized that all this shit is in your head, and for every guy that thinks his dick is too small there are 20 girls that have much worse self-esteem issues. At least that helps me a little, but honestly.. We live our lives in first-person; who cares about other people’s problems? Other people’s mediocrity is no excuse for my own, imo.

At first I had absolutely no self-esteem issue about what I kept inside my pants. 6” BPEL x 4” EG? Maybe a little skinny, but at least somewhat average, and I was bottoming out on the girl I was with. Even though there have been girls who I didn’t bottom out on or completely fill up, they always wanted the sex more than I did and always talked about how great it was (which is saying a lot.. I’m 19). Nothing was wrong at all, and I even prided myself in my sexual prowess, especially when it came to oral and digital (random: digital sex makes me think of cyborgs).

In reality, I’m a total noob around here. Do the math and you’ll figure out that I registered an account here when I was 15, but I really didn’t care about how big my dick was then.. I was getting laid anyway. But recently, I’m fucking *flush* with self-esteem issues. I have a girl now who mentioned that she was with a guy so hung she couldn’t fit his member in her mouth, and that KILLED ME. I don’t know what it was, but I felt like shit (and I still do a bit). It’s really fucking stupid because she’s downright in love with me (and never liked that other guy, not even the sex, unless of course she’s lying), and whenever I’m off of this site I realize it, but it still kills me whenever I dwell on it.. So basically, whenever I’m on this site.

At the very least I think I can change my size. I’ve been doing the newbie routine plus wearing a cock ring after jelqing, which has been giving me fantastic noticeable flaccid results, even without the ring (I haven’t measured yet), so I feel like I’m on the right track to some solid gains. I even feel girthier already, but that might be in my head.

I don’t know where the hell I’m going with this, but I guess I’m getting over it. I read the “brainwashing” article linked at the top of the newbie forum, but still. It’s really hard to get over this type of thing. I’m so used to being ultra-competitive at whatever I do (I go to a great school, get good grades, go out all the time, work out daily.), and I really, REALLY want to give my girlfriend some great sex. Ok, I just realized ranting really isn’t helping that much, and the longer I stay on this site, the worse I feel (not to mention too many assholes just end up bitching like sissies around here). I’m really happy I have the knowledge to change a part of my body that I once thought was limited by my genetics; it DOES give me a bit of consolation..

Thanks to whoever reads this.. Time to go work out mini-me!

In it for the long run (and the long one!).

Hey, HTSack.

Yeah, that was quite the rant. :)

But it seems to me that you are a pretty level-headed, smart guy. You sound like an interesting dude. You shouldn’t let this stuff get to you, but I can relate, having similar measurements. I understand how this stuff can get you down the more you think about it. I also understand how visiting this site can contribute to that situation. I know how it is.

I guess I just want to say that you shouldn’t let it get to you. Easy to say, I know, but take comfort in the fact that things are going to get better and that you are already very lucky as it is. Chill. :cool:

Here’s a penguin.


:monty: Don\'t forget your KEGELS! :monty:

I don’t remember that smiley.

I don’t see that there’s anything wrong with being competitive. Immediately crippling yourself with self esteem issues makes the job harder. It’s probably worth dealing with those issues first and then deciding whether you actually want to compete in the “get a bigger dick” or “best sex” category or both or neither.

Imagine trying to start a track career convinced that you are a shit runner. It’s not the way to go. I get that it’s really easy for the confidence to take a knock over the slightest things but you can recover and enjoying more rampant sex with this girl is probably the best cure.

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I am very much the same way as you. Before PE I was getting by on the fact that I was pretty good in the sack with oral with positions/stamina, my big selling point was being ready to go again and again with little time in between. I had been fucking this girl regularly then and we both always orgasm-ed from whatever we did. Now that I came back from College with a bigger cock Its even better, I work as hard for the orgasm as I did before so a few times now I have given her 2 in a session of just penetration. Thing is I’m Just now reaching Average stats, but already I have gained Huge confidence because Its bigger than my old dick, I can only imagine how sex and life will be after a year of PE!

Good luck

Sexually enlightening my generation one pussy at a time(sometimes 2 ;) ).

Progress Log

Improvement, it is the goal of life's search-Carl "Reaper" Sheapards

Let me ask you something, did you ask your girl how big her ex was ? I dong undestand this shit, I sure as hell don’t want to know and if she tells me without asking , Then she’s being a bitch for doing so, I been with girls with big asses , big tits, some bigger then others , been with girls with small tits and big ass and vice versa.

Never in my life have I even thought about telling a girl that my ex had bigger tits and/or ass or better body . Thats just plain out wrong , fucks you cofidence up alot , even if she’s been with bigger , she shouldn’t say so , best thing to say is your the biggest or same size , even if it’s a lie , it helps with self confidence and let’s you perform better .

Start: 6.25 BPEL 4.5 EG May 2008

Short Term goal: 7 BPEL 5 EG

HTstack most of us have had the same thing happen to us, I know it did for me.I never really cared about a bigger dick until 2 of my major girl friends said that they had been with guys who are bigger.

I was just under 6 BPEL and just under 5 on girth I think it was 4.7 I just new I was average but at the time thought all the averages must be wrong because my flaccid was really bad in the gym looker room.I have just kept at it and now my wife is like you are bigger then my biggest guy I have been with.When she told me that her ex, ex was longer then me I was like how much longer and she couldn’t say just that he was bigger and why did it matter.

She couldn’t understand why I was obsessing over his cock size.I think you are allot like me I have to be better then everyone else when it comes to certain things like working out or mma when I used to fight along time ago before the ufc was even around and sex I would make my self not cum forever till the girl had came at least 3 times that was the minimum.

I would tell them don’t fake it tell me what I am doing wrong and I will fix it.So we both need to be great at what we do and when your girl says she has been with some monster cock you can’t fix this right away so you think you are coming up short even though she tells you your not.

Trust that you are not when it comes to the sex thing. Big dick doesn’t equal great sex it could be painful if he doesn’t have a clue how to use.

If she didn’t tell you how much bigger it was then yours it could have been just really fat and the same length. We always assume she was with john Holmes if it was bigger then us.If you search this form you will find a thread on how girls have no clue on cock size.So if she gives you a size it is mostly wrong anyway. Most girls think 7 is normal but that’s because the guy they were with told them yea my cock is 7 inch’s or 7.5. Girls think 8 is big and guys now this so if they say 8 girls will call bullshit. So the guy will come really close to 8 but not say 8 this may have the revers effect and the girl will think the guy is lying and he has a small dick.

Next time your with a bunch of guys ask a girl to ask them there cock size you will never hear 6 inch. This is because guys lie to girls all the time about cock size. So they really have no reference point on what is true average they see a six inch and think seven.My friend was 8.5 or something and every girl thought he was 10.The studies done on cock size are done by condom company’s and they have to have good numbers to work with so condoms are not to big or to small.

Case in point my wife was like he wasn’t that much longer then you just a little bit and the thickness was the same. She told me this after I got bigger. So he might have had a fat cock and there are tons of fat short dicks in the world.If that’s the case gaining girth is easier then length so this will make it even easier for you to get bigger then this guy.keep up the good work read as much as you can and in a year from now you will be looking down at a big cock.By the way your girl will see it before you so if she says it feels bigger you are measure all the time it just will get you down your girl will notice it’s bigger she is an expert on your cock since she has it in her mouth all the time amongst other places if she lets you fuck her in the ass this will be the first place she will notice.

Current stats march 2008= Nbel 6.75 Bpel 7.5 Eg 5.5

Goal by the end of next year Nbel 8.5 Eg 6.5

The size thing comes up with girls all the time we are just not always there to hear it I have a 24 year old sister and I used to fuck I mean hang out with allot of her friends and my sis was my roommate for like a year. Someone else might have brought up big dicks and she chimed in with her story.

So they would talk about all kinds of stuff in front of me that guys are not privy to hear all the time but I was hear cool brother and they just got used to me they would walk around half naked when ii was there not my sis hear friends if they stayed over from a night of drinking, granted these were the girls that I had hooked up with already and didn’t care since I had seen it already but I do miss rooming with my little sis her friends were hot.

Current stats march 2008= Nbel 6.75 Bpel 7.5 Eg 5.5

Goal by the end of next year Nbel 8.5 Eg 6.5

Originally Posted by HTSack
I have a girl now who mentioned that she was with a guy so hung she couldn’t fit his member in her mouth

Think about it — that couldn’t have been much fun for her. Sounds uncomfortable and unpleasant. I can almost guarantee you that she would rather not remember having been through that.

She is so happy with you, she loves you, and you know from your experiences that you are a good lover. Just let the other stuff go.

It sounds like she had sex with that shane diesel guy.

If you’re ulta competitive you will never be happy, this applies to everything in live, not only to the wiener.

There will always be a guy around with a bigger cock and if you once own a Cayenne V6 (after working your ass off or selling your soul to the devil) you will still see a guy with a Cayenne V8 bi turbo.

Good words from kinxxxsize. I used to be like that in every aspect of my life and looking back I missed out on much fun and put myself under more stress than necessary cause my competitive nature. Sex is to be enjoyed it’s not a football match. Theres no winners or losers. Grow a big dick cause it’s fucking cool to have a big dick but enjoy sex cause thats what it’s all about- enjoyment. Enjoy the moment. Grow a big dick in your free time. The more you enjoy the more she will enjoy.

Ever fucked a girl and she looked like she was enjoying it and so horny and shit and fucked a girl who looked like she’d prefer to be sleeping. Obivousley more turned on by the girl who seems to be getting carried away and having fun I’m sure it’s the same for the girl.

The same thing has happened to me man, I has never worried about sizer and now I think my size it’s enough, but I don’t regret to start PE it’s a wonder full thing and like you have said, I have the power to change. But sincerely speaking if a friend ask to me what’s the negative point of PE, the answer it’s exactly that, get obsessive with dick size, but think on the other good things that PE brings.

Oh to be 19 again!! Take that 6”x4” of yours and use it use it use it! When you aren’t pounding nubile pink, jelq! Jelqing is the best overall penis exercise IMHO. If you do the exercise correctly (and regularly), in a year you will be packing a nice plump joint. It is entirely possible for you to be over 7” NBPEL and 5” MSEG within a year.

I gained an inch in both length and girth over the last year so I know that it is possible. Having a bigger dick rules!! Sex feels much better and you will notice a major difference in how the ladies react.

I wish I had found this place at 19.

Holy damn man, you’re 19. Think about this: when you settle down with a wifey, she’ll be the happiest gal around. Yeah, you don’t have the stats you want now, but you have years even before you get married. Nothing but good times ahead :)

Keep it up and keep on learning!

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