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Thought it was warts

Thought it was warts

Recently I have seen these two little bumps on my penis on the shaft. It bothered me so I got checked out at a clinic and the lady told me it was nothing. I must add that she was in her fifties and not very attractive and I still popped wood, I think to her pleasure. Her diagnosis wasn’t convincing enough and since it’s been about two monthes and they still bother me. I looked up pictures of what I thought it was pearly penile papules, and it didn’t match them, it came a lot closer looking to genital warts. So I went back today, and the doctor I saw this time said it didn’t look like warts, and that it probably was seborheic Keratosis, which is some mild skin inflamation, nothing serious or contagious. The only way they can tell for sure if it is warts is through a biopsy, where they take a sample of the skin and do some tests on it. I don’t think I’m going to do that for a few reasons. Unfortunatley she said she wasn’t positive, but that “It wasn’t ringing any wart bells” to her. So I feel a bit like a man who got off on the first count, but is awaiting his other convictions in court, since only time will tell if something comes back or not. I might be waiting awhile
I wrote this for a few reasons. The main one is that whenever we get something wrong with our dick we can freak out. So if you think you have warts you need to get them checked out because comparing to pictures on the internet isn’t going to give you a definitive answer. There are many other things it could be but only a doctor can tell you, and sometimes, like in my case their answer might not be definitive and you’ll have to wait. The other thing reason is because it’s good to get this off my chest. I hope that this is informative to some people, as we’ve all made some questionable decisions in our life, especially when hooking up.
One last drawback is that I won’t be jelqing or anything for about five days due to the freezing treatment that she gave me. What a bummer. I’ll be back soon.
I hope that if you see the doctor that whatever she/he looks at isn’t “ringing any wart bells.”

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Hi Pulltime, and welcome to the Forum

Have you been doing any PE exercises, and if so what exercises have you been doing. Give us all the information you can, as there are many ways you can get bumps on your dick, which may simply be due to a routine, rather than an infection. However, don’t assume from this that nothing is wrong. but the fact they havn’t diagnosed anything at the clinic is encouraging.

So give is some information, including how you warm up and warm down and any heating you may use, and of course any equipment.


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