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Those odd feelings...

Those odd feelings...

Ive been PE’ing for nearly wow 4 years now (although my commitment is way down [hopefully not this time!] and its been more like 2 years…). But I am just starting back up with this, and I have been taking it slow!!!! In the mornings I warm up for 5 minutes and then do 80-100 wet jelqs and x2 10-second squeezes. Then I put on my cook ring and have a nice hot shower…leaves me hanging nicely for hours!

Then in the afternoon/evening (since I am in college I have the time between workin out and classes and work) I do pretty much the same rutine with dry jelqs instead of wet.

Ive been doin that for about hmm 4 days now…2 on 1 off and making sure I am always well warmed up and cooled down and trying to get as many erections throughout the day as I can (I have a serious problem of jumping right into the deep end with PE…). Tonight, I had just finished my dry jelq rutine, and I released my cock and felt a twinge…not like a pull…but not a pop or break in any way…kinda of like it “gave me space” if that makes sense…

Anyways, I felt it and my cock started to die like nothing else…even as I tried to think of the most arousing thoughts that I could! In the shower, I could still get hard and keep it hard, but with a little more stimulation (thinking and masturbating [but never cumming!!])…does anyone ever have these? Where (like me) you’re so scared of hurting yourself that the smallest odd feeling that isnt that ‘PUMPED FULL’ feeling and you die off haha and shrink?

Giver Hard!

Giver Hard! Scotty! later days ------ (Start) BPEL 7.75" x 5.25-5.5 EG (Goal) BPEL 9.00" x 6.0-6.25 EG

Yesterday was my rest day…specially since I wasnt sure if I had done something to myself. Anyways, whenever I got an erection, it felt as tho the bottom chamber (the CG or something of that name) was crushed and wasnt nearly as hard as it usually is!?!?!

This kinda, made me wonder what was goin on…but after waking up during the night with several nocturnal erections Ive decided to give PE a go today. Im gonna stick with my regular rutine and make sure that I spend plenty of time warming up and warming down!

PS- on the day I felt this odd sensation, I was being very careful! I was not jelqing with a super high erection level (like 70% —> but dry jelqing really makes it feel like more…) and every 20 jelqs I was stopping and checking my penis for redspots or anything out of the ordinary…which there was not.

Giver Hard

Giver Hard! Scotty! later days ------ (Start) BPEL 7.75" x 5.25-5.5 EG (Goal) BPEL 9.00" x 6.0-6.25 EG


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