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This Is Where I'm At I Need To Get Bigger


Originally Posted by Sincere773
So what the best way for me to get my penis thick?

Newbie Routine to start with for ab out 3 months before you get into girth programs.

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First off, welcome to Thunder’s Place! Secondly, I think having a basic and consistent manual stretching and jelqing routine for several months will give you gains in girth and in length. Try that. Oh and it’s better to focus on short term goals rather than the long term one of 10”. Try and shoot for 8” by say December. PE takes time and dedication (and in some cases borderline obsession haha), but even the smallest gain will make the biggest difference.

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When i found pe my goal was 12”, than i found that this size is ridiculous, only useful to fuck elephants. Im 7,5” too and my final maximum goal is 8,5” NBP X 6,5” MG (a mandingo size). I have 20 years old and i expect to reach that size in 5 years. Yeah, im very patient. Just look at a ruler, 10 inches is useless, you need a excellent and healthy blood circulation to maintain a erection at thas size. Soon you will find that 8 inches is the perfect, huge and monstrous usable size.

Do a newbie routine for 3-6 months, be patient, than move to clamp and girth exercises. In about 2 years or less (being realistic) you get the perfect size. Is just in your head bro. Look for vids of mandingo, the biggest in porn industry. People claim that he is 11-14 inches, but in real he is 8,5-9 NBP, you will see he has many trouble to fuck the girls…

.Just back to those ligs on the previous page. Are you saying that our gains are pre-set?? I don’t know how to get “LOT” or any of the others but should I to know exactly what my gains will be?

Champloo, LOT is just a theory. A lot of members have gained against the LOT theory. Just do the newbie routine for a while and see how it works out for you.

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