This doesn't seem right


In the past few weeks I have been doing a routine with a lot of upward bundles. After doing this routine for a week or two I started feeling the stretch in the connective tissue on the sides of my the PC muscle. I kept going with the routine and added a 40 5 sec kegels in it to strengthen the PC muscle a bit. Kind of like the DLD blaster, only with upward straight bundles.

About a week ago I stopped feeling the stretch on the sides of my PC muscle and now I am feeling it behind the PC muscle. This means: between the PC muscle and the anus.

Now of course it makes sense if I feel the stretch all the way at the back where all the tissue is connected to the skeleton, but I always assumed I should just stretch the tunica. Is it still healthy to feel the stretch so far to the back? I am thinking about starting to do some girth exercises and to leave the stretching be for a while.

Can someone give me some advise on this, is it a bad thing or not to feel the stretch this far back?

Another question is what to do with the PC muscle while stretching, I never understood this part. I just want to stretch the tunica, so should I kegel during the stretch or not? I’m am currently keeping the PC muscle relaxed out of convenience.