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This changes everything

This changes everything!

Check out this link of penile anatomy, it appears the glans cannot be avoided in stretching. They seem to even be in the shaft. Could we all be causing ourselves permanent damage?

Gray’s Anatomy - The Penis

When ever I stretch, my hands are on the very base of the head, on that little purple ring, there is no way to avoid this, or a stretch cannot be done, because if you are any further back, the penis fails to stretch it’s maximum!

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Also, I have been reading about the dorsal nerve, how can you avoid all these nerves if you PE?

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Keep most of the pressure on the sides Starter7777.

Your nerves aren’t entirely lame, they can take a little pressure. You should be ok if you’re not experiencing pain or numbness. Just be careful.

If you’re really worried about it, perhaps a Bib or another hanger would ease your mind? That way you can attach at various places on the shaft to avoid over-stressing one area.

Relax. As long as you don’t put pressure on the top of your shaft directly behind your head you will be fine. That is where the majority of the nerve bundles are.

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That connection you see to the glans is your urethra. Don’t worry, it will stretch too.

The head is the end of the spongiosum. The urethra runs through the spongiosum. The cavernosus sits on top of the spongiosun.

It is like an upside down hot dog bun and wiener. With the end of the weiner (the head) more enlarged than the rest of the weiner (that is inside of the bun).

PS….Your nerve stratches when your dick gets hard. So when you stretch your dick most likely wont be much longer than it is when you are fully erect.


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