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it seems thickness is being affected the most by jelqing. I went from 5 to 5 1/2 inches around. I also went from 7 1/2 to 7 3/4 at most and that’s it. This was over the past few years of jelqing but I only do it in my free time. How could I concentrate on length and what point should I be happy with? Seriously I think that while it may sound cool to be so big it hurts girls but lets be honest it’s probably unattractive to them at that point. Is there a goal I should shoot for that lets you have good big size but yet can still have rough hard sex

Hey xilo,

I will be happy when I get to 7.5 inches. But to answer your question, I think that stretching and hanging is what you should do if you want to concentrate on length.

Yeah, stretching or hanging for length.

As far as your goal size goes, it should be whatever pleases you. We have guys here who would be absolutely elated to reach 6” in length or 5” in girth. Others start out above that yet still want more.

This site isn’t so much about absolute size, rather how to make whatever you’re working with bigger. The final goal is up to you.

Originally Posted by xilo2
Seriously I think that while it may sound cool to be so big it hurts girls

You have to start to fuck like you have a big dick, some woman will request more foreplay and/or time to adpat. Same woman like to be hit on the cervix. It is easy to distinguish when she feels pain and she feels pleasure. If you think you are too big, let her go on top, and avoid dogy.

1/1/03 => 6x5

now => 7.75x6(6.5 at base)

Goal => 8+x6.5(7 at base)

ads is great for length


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