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Ok so what is the deal with people having massive base girth and quite a bit smaller mid shaft and then it gets way smaller towards the glans? I have 5.5-5.6” base girth, 5.1” mid shaft and 4.5” glans girth (with foreskin covering it, so probably quite a bit lower than that). Does this mean my CC’s are huge towards the base and it gets way smaller the further towards the glans I go? Wouldn’t this mean that it would be very easy for me to gain mid shaft / glans girth as I it will be under so much pressure from all the blood coming from the base? You first get an erection and it gets completely filled with blood, it can’t get more full, and you know how clamping, Uli’s and erect squeezes primarily targets mid shaft and glans girth? So what happens is that you completely stop flow to the base, so the blood from the base adds pressure on the mid shaft / glans, which adds pressure and expands the CC over time. So the next time you get an erection, what was in the base before PE gets into the mid shaft / glans as it can fit more, and since you don’t stop any blood flow this time, your base will be filled up as well, so glans and mid shaft will be expanded while base will remain the same. What you guys think? Is this how it works? Also, how do I gain base girth? I think hanging, jelqs and maybe pumping would be best for that as it doesn’t stop blood flow to the base? Hm

My base girth comes from the CS being a lot bigger than it is further up shaft (5.5”base, 5.25”mid, 4.75”glans). I do not know what it is like for other people, but this makes it easy for me to track my progress as I can see the CS expanding further up along the shaft as days go by. People say you can gain base girth by stretching, I wouldn’t know as I do not want to add any more length. What I do personally to target the base is thrust toward my hand when masturbating, rather than just jerking with my hand. This forces the base to do the work and I make it a point to do it at an angle that causes some bend in the base. I also do a type of one handed horse440, where I get a strong erection and then squeeze the upper inch of shaft and glans with one hand while forcing my erection inward toward my body. These one handed squeezes are hard to maintain with high pressure, so it takes a lot of rest periods to get it hard again between sets. I have read about putting pressure on your taint area when doing this to stop the backflow of blood, wasn’t a fan.

Start: 7/1/14 BPEL 7.25" MEG 4.75"

Current: 10/1/14 BPEL8.2" MEG 5.5" BEG 6" Corona 5.25" EQ=9

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