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The tweezer post


Wow you guys are tough SOB’s, my penis / ball sack just can’t take the trauma of grabbing multiple hairs at once. It’s bad enough as is 1 at a time. I did have a few bleeders tweezing though. Hopefully next time around maintenance is less painful.

Ouie! Ouie! Ouch! Why don’t you use trimmers, sure it will grow back but you can always trim it again, is’nt that wonderful!

I have just completed tweezing the base of my shaft. Let me tell you, You need to practice some zen meditation to get this done the first time.

Day 4.. And I’m still mowing through this stuff. This is very rough, especially the underside!

Be brave, grasshopper. The way to smoothness is not to be achieved overnight. Be one with the tweezers.

:_pump: :donatecar

I only get about 20 or so hairs a night before I just get wore down.. Right now I’m at the part on either side of the shaft where it meets the balls, I never realised how much I have to clear down there in order to get a good jelq going.. Right now I can only get about 5-10 minutes of jelqing in before the hair irritates me.

Holy Mother of Perl, I am cringing just thinking about you pluckers.
“…grab a good 10 or so of them at once and yank. It bleeds a bit, but….”

HHHOOOOO ME GOODNESS. You guys tough, I’m sticking with shaving, anyone try any of the hair removal creams on your neck and package?


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I tried grabbing 3-4 at once the 1st 2 times it worked great, the third made me never want to do it again. If you don’t go gungho and yank hard they won’t come out and it is very painful :( .. 2 weeks and I should be down to maintenance

Most hair removal creams contain warnings against using in the vicinity of your package.

(They don’t word it quite that way.)

Some have tried them anyway. The usual recommendation is to try “a small patch” first.

Me, I do limited shaving and trim short otherwise. Really does help get things out of the way for pumping and jelqing, and for condom use, for that matter.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.


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