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The penimaster frame like most frames is a piece of ball-restricting crap

The penimaster frame like most frames is a piece of ball-restricting crap

The penimaster frame like most frames is a piece of ball-restricting crap, not to mention too bloody narrow for anyone packing more than 5 inches in girth. Also, what I don’t understand is why put the adjuster screws at the base where they are too fu*king fiddly to get at. Why not have the tensioners near the top, alongside the glans? Easier to see to get the balance between the two springs right. Seriously thinking of making my own frame, maybe recycle the rods of the penimaster and have the springs at the top.

Maybe try making a slightly wider, but thick base that the old base can rest on or be attached too?

I’ve never tried anything like it but perhaps wrapping a fair bit of cloth lightly around the base of your penis to create a sort of doughnut and having the extender sit on this cloth base?

Of course you will have to shorten the rods to allow for the space the cloth base would take up but that would bring the narrow factory base up your shaft where I presume it is narrower than your base, without destroying your stretcher just yet. Whether it will stay in place or be comfortable is another story. :)

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I’m using a donut sponge. This is good, but the restriction on the scrotum when I’m sitting remains and is not on if I am to wear this goddam thing 6-8 hrs every day for the next 2 years.

Anyway, I shouldn’t have started another thread, chirping on about this shit.

About any commercial PE product is a piece of overpriced crap. Anyway you don’t need to wear it 8 hours per day for two years to see gains.

Side note : have you seen Cantlook’ instruction on how to make a homemade stretcher? Those are very detailed and for few bucks you’ll have a better device than you can find on the market.

I’ll need to wear it for 8 hrs a day for 2 years to see 2 1/2 inches of gains. Probably 10 years or maybe for the rest of my goddam life.

I said before somewhere that the vacuum unit and the suction ball are the only parts worth buying about the whole penimaster enterprise. I don’t think I could make the type of vaccum unit these Germans are making. Very well done. The Mercedes Benz of vacuum attachments if you ask me. All the rest is bollocks!!

I had this problem with the X4 labs extender, the trouble is to make a wider base would mean also making a wider headpiece since the rods are held parallel and at a fixed distance by it.

You’d be better just using the vacuum section and making the rest from scratch.


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