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The (non-obvious) Signs You are Gaining Girth


Everyone is different. IMHO, you should set the number of reps based on your body and not based on some arbitrary number that works for others. In my case, I had been doing a large number of squeezes and therefore started with 15-20 supra slammers (and worked up from there). FYI I usually start with ~10 min jelq to get loose and some flaccid bends. This way my penis starts expanding right away. Without the jelq warm-up, it can take 10-15 reps before my penis starts expanding. I do as many reps as my penis is comfortable with and I stop if I start getting fluid build-up.

I gained a little more than 1/4” permanent gains in the first month but had to stop due to a hand issue.

11/20/2011: BPEL: 6", MEG: 4.75" (goal BPEL: ~7", MEG: 5.25")

5/9/12: BPEL: 6.5", MEG 5" (goal BPEL: 7.25", MEG: 5.5")

3/5/13: BPEL: 6.875", MEG 5 5" (max goal BPEL: 7.5", MEG: 5.75")

That’s what’s been confusing me so much! On the one hand, most people seem to make girth gains when they really push their limits. On the other, I believe I am a “less is more” type of person, and often times even after just a few squeezes my dick feels pretty dead. So really knowing the proper signs, hopefully seeing if there is a common thread amongst every successful gainer, sounds like it would benefit me greatly (and everyone else reading the thread). How do you guys “push the limit” so to speak and yet maintain a nice hang the next day? I might have to try that cialis thing myself…


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