The Less is More philosophy!

Hey guys! Ive just come back from 2 weeks off of PE…and ive just gotta tell you guys something.

At first, i tried to come back doing to much. But today i did a rutine that was really good, and i hung larger and more pumped that i have EVER! And it was from doing less than i usually did! I cut everything by half…

-3, 30 second stretches outwards + 2, 30 second stretches downwards (mimicking hanging)
-5-7 minutes of 4 second wet jelqs (compared to 5-7 minutes of 6 second jelqs).
-3 minutes of 4 second squeeze jelqs (compared to 6).
-5 sets of “4x4’s” (compared to 10).

I found this rutine to be amazing!

Im just letting you guys know this tho, so that you dont rush and go way overboard with PE! Its what held me back, and i guess was holding me back the whole time (9 months) or so ive been PE’ing!

Giver Hard! Scotty! later days ------ (Start) BPEL 7.75" x 5.25-5.5 EG (Goal) BPEL 9.00" x 6.0-6.25 EG