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The length routine stuff

The length routine stuff

Hey guys!

I’m the average dilemma guy.

I started PE about 5 years ago and I think my starting size was about ~6 inches in lenght.. Don’t know about girth..

I did alot of PE on and off and well.. A long story short.. Last summer I was about 7.3 inches in lenght..

Then I got together with my old girlfriend again and totally lost my will to PE.. We broke up about a week ago and I checked my dick stats again..

6.5 inches now after about one year without PE..

The thing with my PE has always been inconsistency..

After looking around here (I used to hang on cheeky cherry forums before) I just couldn’t manage to find any programs..

What I’m looking for is a decent lenght program, preferably it wouldn’t take longer than half an hour to complete.

Any link is helpfull, and in return I’ll try to help as much as I can with what I’m the best at.. The health and physics, since I’ve been competeing in bodybuilding and also a licenced instructor and so on..

Thanks for any help this time!

Well, welcome aboard feeble.

I suppose you have checked the newbie routine? If not, it’s the best thing to try. If yes, you could give a try to bennett8’ routine:
2-inch Growth Comparative Pictures

This supposing you are looking for a manual based routine. Other good things to try for lenght are hanging and extenders.

No matter how long you did PE for in the past, if you’re coming off of 1 year without any, do the newbie forum. If you jump right into it you will likely injure yourself. You will probably gain that half inch back rapidly since you are not conditioned anymore.

Jelq, ADS, repeat.

Final Goal: 8EL x 6.2


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