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The great thing happened today ..

The great thing happened today ..

first off all I want to thank this forum/people who put time in this to teach. I love you all.

I have been kegeling for 2 weeks now. Usually I come VERY fast, 30 secs +. today I was mastrubating and I thought, hell, lets give it a try. The sensations were up - I thought Im gonna come in 5 sec MAX. I squeezed my BC muscle as hard as I could and I didnt come! I was so impressed, I still had a rock hard erection so I continued. I jerked my unit for 5 mins more - same thing - sensation comming up very high - I squeezed - gone! I did it like 5 times. It was amazing. At the end I treated myself with a rockhard ejaculation, amazing one!! So much sensation.

So, what Im trying to say, in 2 weeks and Im from 1 min. man to sex god.

Thanks everyone - and you see, everything is possible !


- By 16th Jan 2006 - 5.6" x 5.5"

- By 5th June 2010 - 8.3" x 6.5"

Congratulations on your discovery Scarto! :woot2:

Congrats. I’ve been PEing for exactly a month now and I’ve only started kegeling recently. For some reason I didn’t find it to be that important before or I’d just get lazy which is weird because I’m obsessed about everything else in PE. I realize its importance now though. Usually people start off with kegeling but I guess I’m going backwards. I’m glad to see it pay off so well so quickly.

Current 2/17/06 BPEL: 6.5" EG: 5.5" Goal: BPEL: 8.0" EG 6.5"

Now you need to try your new tricks on a woman. Its a little more difficult.

Horny Bastard

Originally Posted by mravg
Now you need to try your new tricks on a woman. Its a little more difficult.

Exactly, I was doing great while mastrubating, but when I got inside and tried to do the same thing I pasued foa sec to try to kegal and hold it back. So what does my lady do, she starts gyrating her hips to move the head around her cervix and I was like no, stop, uh too late!

Start 02/2006: 6.50" BPEL 5.75" NBPEL 5.50" EG

Goal for now: 8.00" BPEL 7.50" NBPEL 6.25" EG

Congrats mate.

Great work Scarto, now all you need to do is keep it up, and soon you’ll be going for as long as you want.

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