The end of the line?

With not a whole lot of work (just over a full month of on-and-off jelqs and stretching), I am now averaging from 6.75x6 to 7.18x6.25 (fully aroused max around 7.3x6.5 as in my stats), and I have decided that I really have no need or incentive to continue to get bigger. As a virgin (I don’t think that 3rd base counts) who plans to end up with a virgin lady and after reading about just how sufficient my length is and how big my girth is, I feel that I could easily hurt a girl with my current dimensions.

This is sincerely not meant to brag or to pity-showboat, but I want to ask the experienced folks here with similar stats: have you encountered size problems with girls at over 6-6.25 inch girth? The last thing I want to do is to accidentally tear my woman apart because of foolish excitement.


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7/26/2013 (mid average) 6.9x5.9

8/26/2013 (" ") 7.125x6.25