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The clock's ticking

The clock's ticking

Hi, I am fairly new to the forums and have come in search of a cure to my lack of confidence, and I feel as if I have found it. I feel EXTREMELY inspired when I read stories of members gaining size, I really do. Throughout my high school years I have had a constant fear of my penis size, and continue to have the fear to this day, my confidence level is very low to say the least. I am not afraid to say I am below average, I openly admit it, but I recently went to a car show, a car show consisting of many many many beautiful women, and realized why I have such an insecurity. It seems girls talk about penis size as much as I worry about mine, either from a joke here or there, or a conversation about old boy friends. I try to stay optimistic and am going to begin PE as soon as I feel I have read enough. I am currently a senior in high school and have not had many sexual experiences, truthfully only one, and sometimes I feel as if I am wasting my time. My question to the older members of this board is, am I losing my precious high school days due to my insecurity? Will I still have a lot of time in the future? I usually will stay away from any sexual events until I feel confident with my penis size. Again I know I may sound somewhat shallow, but I am just currently in the moment and feel I have to “vent” because I am feeling so down right now. Thank you in advance.

Step one relax. You are young man. I just started this stuff and I’m in my 30’s.

Step two bang as many girls as you can while you are young, but be smart wear protection. Try not to get fixated on one girl though you are too young. If you meet the right one it will just happen though dont try to force it.

If you start PE’s now you will be set by the prime of your life, if you do it consitantly and don’t give up. All these chicks you meet now will not mean jack in 10 years from now. Just have fun man. Who knows you might meet one you really like, she might like/love you for you the way god made you, PE or not.

PE will probly not get you the girl of your dreams but it sure will not hurt :) It will help with self confidence and girls find that very attractive :) So start on the Newb routine and dont give up man you got a great life ahead of you !

Exactly what Strike said. Perfectly put.

I will only add that you are a much larger person than you give yourself credit for. A woman considers the total package - trust me on this, I am afterall an older member here :)

Keep your mind and body healthy first and foremost, and you’ll be way ahead of the game. A big dick is icing on the cake for women. Why else would they talk and joke so loosely about the subject: It’s light fare to them.

Over-obsessing about your dick size can lead to an unhealthy perspective - remember: Above all, stay healthy.

Wow, thank you both for the help. Yeah I was pretty much overreacting because I was “in the moment” but now that I’m calm I totally understand what you guys are saying. Thanks for the lift in spirit.

Ahahah hah , nice post. :D


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