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Thanx to Thunder and all the other active members

Thanx to Thunder and all the other active members

I started PEing at the end of april of this year. I started out at 5.5 EBP but as of June 15th i’m now 6 inches EBP. There is no way I could have had these gains without all the advice I have received at this board. I really appreciate all of the advice I have received from this board. If anyone doubts PE they obviously haven’t tried it.

Thanx again,



congratulations, great gains in a short period, what do you do for PE (exercise).

see ya

Thanks theman,
Glad you found the place a help. It would be great if some of the newer guys would help those just starting out. Being a “newbie” is still fresh in your mind and you probably have a better feel for what a beginner wants to know.

Us old farts get a little impatient sometimes and forget that we were once newbies ourselves. I do think the vets tend to help out a guy that appears to be helping himself as much as possible though. Maybe they sense the commitment and know that they are not just wasting their time on someone who is not going to stick with it.

Congrats on the gains and keep up the “hard” work!!

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MY workout


10 min warm up Erection with heating pad

10 min manual stretches v and lig pulls

10 min jelq

hot shower for warm down

i do this 5 days a week and rest on the weekends

Also what us Newbies want to know how much is too much when it comes to PE and What excercises are interchangable so we don’t overwork certain areas

hey Mexican

Good to see you’re still with us. How are things coming along? Do you have much time for PE?



congrats on your gains….I’m very happy for you and myself since I just started and have pretty much the identical newbie routine as you…any plans on hangin in the near future? Any girth gains?

I have no intentions of hanging at the time because i’m getting gains without out hanging. But if i ever want to reach my goal 7 in. EBP I might have to hang in the future.

I have another question that maybe the vets of the board can help me with. Around the head i’m starting to have some discoloration and was wondering if there is anything i can do to fix it or atleast prevent further discoloration.


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