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Hello friends,

I have been lurking for the pass 3 months now. Didn’t even feel compelled to register. The info contained in the public forums was more than enough to occupy my time. For the first couple of weeks, I just read and read. Actually I did try the jelqing and a few different stretches while I was looking at the photos, but that was really a just to get a feel.

After my readings, a couple of things stood out to me for me to try:

1)I really like the PI idea and would like to give that a try. I think someone commented somewhere in that discussion that the health of your dick was really good determining indicator.
2)Although I like the less is more idea (say 10-15minutes max) I was going to let my body determine. So I decided to just do it
For 30 minutes max. It could me less if my body tells me so.

Well two weeks of PEing (or experimenting) led me to the following workout. Actually let me say my thanks first. Within the first two weeks my girl already commented about my dick size. She half jokingly asked if I was taking those pills. That shocked me. Still, I wasn’t going to believe in PE yet. There is no way that my insecurities could be resolved in this natural manner. No way in hell. So I told myself and so just laughed it off. In any case, two and half months later, regular condoms fit me snugly. Before I had to use lifestyles snugger fit. Now the regulars fit me fine and this was my ultimate goal of trying out PE!

5 min - hot wrap ( rice sock)
10 min - wet jelq (3 seconds as advised here)
10 min - PJ verticle mode (The PJ members here created)
5 min - hot wrap

1)Along the line of PI, what I try to do after each workout is to try if I can get a strong erection. I am sorry to say that most of the time I can only get 85-95% erections and it doesn’t last unless I continue to fondle it. It kept running through my mind that I may be overworking. For the first month or so, my morning wood was only at 80 or so. I was hard and stiff but it wasn’t filled out volumewise. Hard to describe. I really wanted to stick with the idea of “a healthy dick is growing dick”.

2)There was a few times when some hours after a workout I was having a hard time getting really hard for my girl. I knew for sure then that I was overdoing it. I hypothesized that 8 hours should be enough recovery time. If I couldn’t get really hard after that point then in my next session I was to lessen the intensity.

The two items above are really what I use as quick ways to gauge the intensity of my PE, aside from the other items already mentioned on here (red spots, blood clots, etc).

Again, thanks all. If it wasn’t for this forum, I wouldn’t have been able to resolve one of the major insecurities of my life. Yes, I plan on continuing. Good luck to everyone and hopefully what I’ve written above may work for someone with similar phisiological attributes.


Hi Jim. Nice first post.

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Hey Jim,

Just thought I’d say: “welcome to Thunder’s Place!”

- Lee Beast


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