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Thank you Invisible

Thank you Invisible

Hello all

Firstly I feel I have to thank all those people who operate this nice place. I would also like to thank Invisible who made comments in a previous post of mine.
My size when in erection is 14,75cm (5,9 inch) length and 13cm (5,2 inch) girth.
I am willing to go to approximately 18cm (7,2 inch) length and 14 (5,6 inch) girth.
My only problem is that I live with my girlfriend and I don’t want her to know what I am doing since our relationship is not going well and we are going to split up soon. I feel very bad about my size. There is only one reason staying in this relationship and this is her acceptance of my size. It was always difficult for me to start dating new girlfriends and that’s because I was always insecure about my size. Hence I only had two girlfriends in my life each one lasted about 5 years. I am 31 years old now and I really wish for something new in my life but I am still afraid.
I do manual stretching and jelqing sometimes maybe 2-3 times every week but never followed a standard routine because my girlfriend is at home most of the times when I go back from work. Hence I am forced to follow her jobs timetable (which is very unstable) and practice whenever she is working in the afternoon.
I wish someone could tell me if my goals are possible to be achieved (all I am asking for is 1 inch in length) and how to achieve it. I prefer jelqing instead of stretching because I can FEEL it better. I am asking for a honest reply. Is it possible to achieve something like that or the only thing I will achieve is a change in my mind and start seeing my penis bigger?? I am very practical person and the numbers speak to me more than the thoughts. I think that the ruler may be my best friend for some time.
Anyway. Wish you all luck!!
Any real experiences will be very helpful and encouraging.

Willing from Greece

Having an average length and a girth that can be thicker than average, still feeling insecure? It’s not so uncommon in this forum.

A man who feels insecure with an acceptable penis, may feel insecure with other sides of relationship of love &sex, especially if his girl gives him a shake by saying, “oh dear I want to do that again” after half an hour later of the first shot while he never can do it again in 12 hours. Then he begins to think “oh my , she thinks me not so verile.” well, maybe she still thinks he is ok, but for his lack of confidence he is totally smashed. Actually this type fear has to be settle within our mind, not in our penis. Confidence is the most important condition to maintain a solid affair with women. If you have it, you can please a super girl with a 4” penis.

Ok enough heady discussion. For our PE concern, I would say stretching mandatory as well jelqing. You cannot expect to gain sold 2” in length by jelqing alone. Do them both, they compliments each other.

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You’ve got a good starting size. Nothing to feel bad about. Before I found Thunder’s Place I had your length, but lesser girth, and I never felt small in sexual situations.

Do you know why? Because average isn’t small. It isn’t big either, but it’s average. Many, many guys have dicks about your size. You’re even on the larger side of average.

You’re stating that you like numbers — then you should check out Para-Goomba's penis statistics thread to get a better perspective on how you stand compared to other men: Penis Size: The True Average

Priapologist also made a very good contribution on the subject: The (statistical) Truth About Cock Size

I made very good gains with the newbie routine, and I also concentrated on jelqing because I just don’t like stretching. Directly after three months I switched to clamping, which I now regret since it stopped my gains for a while. I think I was too eager to try new stuff. At that point my dick wasn’t ready for advanced routines, so I went back to jelqing, and after a few months I started pumping, and that’s what I’m still doing (with some jelqing mixed in).

As you can see in my stats your gains are doable.

Good luck!

Thank you guys so far. I really need more responses. Asnoman, I have confidence but not with my size. I am very open person, funny person, girls do like me and this makes me angry with my self. Due to the lack of confidence because of my size I always chicken out to continue a conversation with a girl even though I feel that she like me.

Thank you for your response anyway

Hi Willing and welcome to the Forum.

First. There is nothing ‘small’ about your size. Get that fixed into your head!!

You are average size. Which is perfectly capable of satisying a girl. You may have to improve your technique when having sex, So do a search on subjects like improving your sex life/ technique. Have a good look around here. Many other guys have satisfied their girlfriends with what they have learned here, as well as improving their size.

Can you do some PE exercises in the bathroom or when taking a shower. If your girlfriend should see you doing your exercises just say with a lecherous grin ‘I’m getting it up ready for you”

Now is she wants you; Great! Or if she quickly disappears for a while, you have time top do your PE exercises.

Yes your goals are realiseable

Have fun and good luck !


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Willing, raise a bit the frueqence of your PE sessions. Even if your partner is at home, you can find the time for doing some stretch here and there. In example, if you do 1-2 minutes of stretching when you go to bath, nobody will notice the delay, and in the course of the day you could reach a total time of 10-15 minutes stretching.

Stretching and jelquing are like bread and meat: they act in a syinergistic way.

Also, the health of your penis will go better, you’lle have harder erections, and this alone will give to your girlfriends the feeling of a bigger penis inside.

That said, as others have pointed out, you’re not small at all.

asnoman, if your gains are stalling you should try taking a decon-break.

Hanging could work because your penis is not adapted at it, but, generally speaking, hanging is less efficient than manual exercises: lot of time, not wonderful results - I never have seen any proof that hanging alone has leaded somebody to more gains than manual exercises.

You could try an ADS/extender, also.

Also try getting fit if you are not fit. I believe eating right and physical fitness, especially cardiovascular fitness, is the key to my gains. PE builds on the foundation of health! As for fitting in PE, if you want to do it, you will find a way to do it. Take a ten minute break at work and go into a toilet cubicle if need be. Something… find a nice secluded spot and do it outdoors if you want… there is always a way.

Otherwise, does your girl friend know how you feel? Trust me, if she was unhappy with your cock, she would have long since gone. If you don’t love her and are unhappy being with her, then do what you got to do. At least it’ll give you time to PE, and both of you can find someone else.

Yes it is possible. But you have to work for it and work consistently and with intelligence… so no over-doing it.

I think too many people have a misconception about what “average” size really means. It does not mean “only” average, like it is just barely good enough. It means you are in the range of size as most of the men IN THE WORLD. That includes the guys at the bar who have the confidence to approach and pursue the best looking girls in the bar, that includes the guy walking down the street with the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen attached to his arm, that includes the nasty little bastard at the gym who is constantly bragging about how many chicks he’s bagged, that includes the guy your girlfriend left you for…get the idea?

Average means you are the same as everyone else you see around you everyday. There is nothing “only” about that. Hang-ups about penis size are understandable in certain extreme cases, but there are far too many guys who are holding themselves back in life and missing out on too many things because they are worried about a girl possibly thinking they are too small.

Ok, sorry for the rant! Willing19762, your goal is totally reachable but go slow and easy with maintaining penis health as your main goal and size will follow. But please understand that you are already equipped with a great unit. Wanting to improve it is fine, but that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it right now!

Keep doing the stretching, I think you will gain more length from stretching than jelqing. Both are important. PE does not take that long, just split it up throughout the day / week. The shower is a perfect place to get some PE in.

Like anything, if its important to you, just find the time to do it. If making your penis bigger is a serious goal of yours, than make it a priority. You can reach your goal, it just takes time and commitment.

Good luck.

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