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Tai chi before or after

Tai chi before or after

Hi guys,

I was wondering if anybody else practices tai chi and how they incorporate it with their PE. For those who know little about tai chi, it is very good at stimulating good blood circulation (which leads me onto my question). My question is whether you think tai chi should be practiced before or after PE?

Re: Tai Chi and PE

I say tai chi before PE. It seems that any activity that stimulates circulation throughout the body has effects that last at least a few hours if not all day. As such it makes sense that PE would benefit greatly from having extra blood available.

Consider this; According to an article in Men’s Health magazine a few years ago, the flaccid penis receives less than 1/10 of 1% of the body’s blood. For those not willing to do the math, that’s 5 ml (one teaspoon). Assuming 5 litres of blood in the body (1.32 gallons US - 1.10 gallons UK for those back home) any thing which gets that large amount through that smaller place would be helpful.

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