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Swollen, itchy penis with red spots

Swollen, itchy penis with red spots

Hey everyone,

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So I’d been getting back into PE after a hiatus where I wasn’t really worrying about size all too much. I was doing pretty well easing back into the newbie routine (I learned earlier that less is definitely more) until I included manual stretches and slightly upped the intensity of the jelqs. The session seemed fine, and while I was getting fairly erect by the last jelq I still thought the session had gone well.

Unfortunately this hit me twofold. Upon going to bed right after the routine I woke up the next morning with bumpy swollen shaft skin that itched like crazy and light red splotches (larger then pinprick size) of discoloration scattered over the glans. After looking at it for a while the shaft skin seemed to have become irritated in the areas that experienced more stretching/micro-tearing (I’m cut pretty tight) from the session, since the areas of my skin with ridges were where the swelling was located. The glans red spots don’t itch, but they are raised a small bit, and you don’t have to strain too much to see them. Basically a splotchy light red discoloration scattered on the head.

I did as much searching as I could before posting this but wanted to post anyway because well, my dick feels like it’s been bitten by fire ants. Not fun. Basically any ideas to reduce swelling (I’m alternating hot and cold water), any creams, lotions, etc. That can reduce the swelling/itching, and any info about getting rid of these larger red splotches would be greatly appreciated.

PE is tough to get the hang of. It’s demoralizing whenever you’re doing fine and then your most personal organ gets messed up. Hopefully this sorts itself out.

Which lubricant have you used?

I’ve been using Palmers Shea butter formula. It feels like a better hand lotion, not super slick, but it’s helped me some with sensitivity in the past.

Don’t know, sounds like the problem is the lubricant. I’d ask your Doc, probably he’ll prescribe a cortisone based cream.

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