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I heard from a friend that if you eat sweets, a girl giving you head can tell when you cum because it taste better or something? Is this true?

Sweet fruits perhaps but not sure about lolly sweets

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Hmmm I think ill give it a try and see what my gf thinks haha it’s a fun experiment!

That would be pretty SWEET if it worked :D

Haha that’s funny stuff I can’t wait

Wohoooo, this topic is great!

While entering it, I was thinking to myself: B.S! I know what one consumes affects sperm’s taste, but intentionally gives one-self’s sperm a sweet taste sounded too good to be true..

Kesman, thanks for that link: bookmarked! Going to try that right away :)

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Why swallow Cum?
It’s tidy
It’s Quick
It's polite
It's environementally friendly


If I had PE as much as I have lurked, I would be hung like a donkey.

I had a girl once that ate pineapple everyday. I swear to god that was the best tasting pussy I ever ate! I loved it too and did it whenever I got the chance. It didn’t even have that distinct smell, it was wierd, but it was fucking amazing. When I get a wife I am making her eat pineapples incessantly. I guess it would work for guys too.

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Dang dude. That pineapple trick is definitely gonna get some use with me! And lol to canoworms! Yeah this was just one of my random thoughts keeping me awake so I was like what the heck, haven’t posted in a while, lets see what they think!

Yes I drank pineapple juice needless to say my ex didn’t mind swallowing. You’re also not supposed to eat meat as it makes your cum taste nasty. Do a search on here or on the world wide web that’s how I found out.

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How long does the pineapple stuff take to take affect? Like an hour? Or alot more?


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