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Sudden Urge To Urinate Ruins My Erection My Balls Hurts

Sudden Urge To Urinate Ruins My Erection My Balls Hurts

Hi Folks..

Hope some guys here could give some input regarding my problem.

Lately, I noticed that when I get an erection there is always that dominating desire to urinate and feels like the urine is already there in the urinary tract headin’ out. Thus, turning a boner into a I’m also quite worried about occasional pains in my balls.. It’s tolerable though, yet it’s not suppose to be normal that’s why I’m scared. Surely somebody among the members here might have experienced it before. Help!

It’s freakin’ embarrasing especially when I’m with my girl..

Can a bladder disorder interrupt an erection?

Is there any medicine to better improve bladder function? If that thing is really the cause..

What the heck is the pain about in my balls?

Wish that credible Urologist in this site will help!

I’m not in the medical field however I can tell you with certainty that lasting pain in your testicles is NOT something to trifle with. Seek a urologist as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot.. I’m considering the same thing.

My common impression is that semen normally comes from the testicles, (if I’m wrong then somebody should correct me) is it possible that due to regular or near too much masturbation or perhaps sexual encounter the semen supply will be emptied? Cause I thought it might have caused the pain.

That need to urinate feeling sounds like you’ve just masturbated a bit too much really, sounds to me like your masturbating
Quite a lot so you pc/bc is becoming weak thus making it harder to control urine flow

There really isn’t anything that can help bladder control apart from training yourself, e.g drink some water and make sure you don’t
Go for about 2 hours keep doing it and extending time, but remember with p.e it is recommended to drink plenty of water so
It may conflict with the bladder training, but it is healthy practice to drink plenty and urinate

I doubt your semen supply would be empty your balls pretty much create it non stop just sounds like excess masturbation causing
Strain on all your pipes in there:)

From the sounds of it, a break is in order, otherwise maybe some pumping as I’ve heard it can help with urine flow
Hope I helped, good luck:)

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The above advice about medical diagnosis is something you should seek very soon. There is SO MANY things it could be. STD’s, even if you know her and TRUST her, it could be something latent.

It could be a urinary tract infection, or who knows what else.

A friend of mine got a blocked something or another in his testicle, and it swelled up to the size of a grapefruit.

The feeling to urinate, is also an indicator of possible prostate problems.

So unless you have been having violent ball smashing sex without blowing your load, you might want to have it checked out.

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