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Stress and some general questions

Stress and some general questions

Hey guys, I’ve been under a TON of stress lately with school (if anyone has ever been to law school you’d understand) and the gf. Throughout the day I occassionally begin to engorge, but do not become fully erect. Mind you, its that kind of chub where if you took it out and played with it, it’d get hard in a heartbeat, so I don’t know if that counts as a positive PI. But the most concerning thing is the turtling…my flaccid hasn’t been hanging consistently meaty at all. Do you think this is due to stress and lack of sleep? My flaccid hang has improved (this is my third week), but I’m not getting a consistent improvement. Will this come with time? As a side note, my whole life I’ve been a “turtler” and my flaccid has fluctuated throughout the day to various extremes.

Also I have some questions for those who are reading.

-My post PE “pump” never really lasts too long.within a few minutes it starts to retract? Is this normal or an indication I am overdoing it?

Stress will do that. I think the engorgement counts as positive PI. If you are stressed, you’ll probably turtle and the penis tens to turtle naturally after a workout. Three weeks is just a start so keep at it and be patient. Read up on posts here and you’ll get lots more information. Also, you may want to try fowfers for flaccid improvements.

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