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Strange Things


Hello angled

I was wondering if there is any way to make my flaccid length angle down more towards the ground. It is somewhat angled up all ready and it would look more accurately it’s true size if it angled down more. Another question flaccid length what is the easiest least time consuming way to get large flaccid gains regardless of erect gains, I am 6.5 inches and rather fat so that isn’t the issue thank you very much.

If you are referring to a flaccid penis that sort of points more forward than straight down, it could be a few things.

1. Cold temperature is causing the thin muscle lining the scrotum (dartos fascia) to contract, making the scrotum more spherical- this is pushing up against the bottom of your penis pushing it out. Warming everything up (such as after a hot shower), relaxes this muscle allowing the scrotum to drop down, which may allow your penis to drop straight down. The warmth will open the blood vessles up too, allowing for a better flaccid hang.

2. Tight ligaments. The ligament attached to the top of your penis may be tight/small which will sort of be holding it up/forward a bit. Stretching will - over time - lengthen this ligament and give you a better flaccid hang. Just be patient and consistent.

*3. If you are circumcised* - the cut was done unevenly with more skin remaining on the underside of your penis than on the dorsal/top side. This skin would act much like the small/tight ligament and pull the penis in closer and up/forward. Stretching the skin can help this if that is the case.

Those are all I can think of.

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Inner Penis

My penis is tight like a stone like the urethra is a metal cable or something. Usually when my penis turtles the inner peniss is still soft its never rock solid shrinkage and the worst part is it hurts can anyone help me please?

Could you please give us a little bit more detail?

Your post is a bit hard to understand.

the inner tube like thing that runs down my penis has contracted violently and is incrediblly hard to the point where it hurts

So, let me see if I understand. Your urethra has contracted?

Can you pee normally?

And, please:
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the weird thing is I can pee normally so maybe its not the urethra

Take an hold. You had to listen H MD.

Losing penis width?

Recently my penis is very hard, I mean the shaft is very hard, unusually hard its even hard while flaccid. I have also noticed that when I am erect my penis is not as soft as it usually is and that allot of my girth is missing would anybody have any idea whats going on? Are there any muscles in the shaft or at the base of my penis that might be contracting abnormally? Because when I get regular shrinkage only the length of the penis shrinks not the width. I took some L-arginine but its not helping. I’m very concerned. Any help would be appreciated.

Get it checked out by a Urologist to be sure.

Hard while flaccid!

I have experienced this before !

It was a sign I was over training. It made me very paranoid, this happened when I was clamping and pumping to much in one session.

Take a weeks rest I would say, and start a lighter routine.

But you may have this for some other reason, whats your routine?

No routine, just randomly happened the only other thing that happened was a random bruise on my spinal cord could it be related?

Stiff Urethra!!!

My urethra is always hard even when I manage to massage my penis to a soft state. It feels like a nail in my penis I had a urine test its not infected, whats going on???

This is the first time I’ve read about the urethra being stiff. If the tests say your not infected, then I wouldn’t worry about it. Maybe it is just the way it is. Just ignore it if it doesn’t get in the way of PE. Hope that helps.

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