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Straining the Main Vein


Originally Posted by TheSchwartz
I would be more worried too but it’s been that way for a few years.. It was always there it’s just grown since PE happened. I exaggerated the growth for effect, it’s really just a cosmetic problem. It’s just that it’s become more pronounced and I wonder if anyone has techniques for keeping it from growing too much bigger. I am very sensitive to it and I definitely don’t exert pressure that causes any pain in the vein or anything. I’ve also monitored my EQ signs and I still get great erections easily. I mean I am 30 and they are maybe 90% hardness of what they were when I was 21, so to me that seems great.

I am an experienced PEer, tho a very hard gainer.. I have not really experienced any significant erect gains, mostly just flaccid.

You could always make the transition to hanging (since you are an experienced PEer), the wrap may just keep it under control. Are you sure it is not a Lymph vessel if it bulges up like that and stays up?

Hmmm. I always go over my bottom vein. maybe ill take a good solid picture, and show you what im talking about.

but yes, you are right .. i’ve noticed my main vein coming from the base is bigger than before.

Originally Posted by go_getter
Hmmm. I always go over my bottom vein. Maybe ill take a good solid picture, and show you what I’m talking about.

But yes, you are right .. I’ve noticed my main vein coming from the base is bigger than before.

I go over my bottom vein, but I feel it rolling and it is slightly painful, especially for the first few strokes. After that it seems to be OK or perhaps I am doing a good job of adjusting my grip. Please let me know if you do post a pic,

Originally Posted by DutyQuest
That is an odd sensation you are experiencing and you should try to isolate where and what is causing the pain. Just by physically manipulating the area you should pinpoint the source. Never really heard of any pain in that area since the blood carrying tissue usually respond positively to any manipulations. I have never liked wet jelqs and especially in the fashion you seem to be undertaking the exercise, but it should not cause pain. You do want to discover the problem, you do not want to have to always deal with a recurring abnormality.

Thanks DQ. Question though - what do you mean by “especially in the fashion you seem to be undertaking the exercise”? Granted, I am new to this, but I am doing my best to execute a textbook jelq as I’ve learned from this site.

I have been trying over the past couple of days to really figure out what hurts. It is not as easy as you might think. Yesterday, I had thought perhaps it was the scrotum getting irritated externally, since the base and scrotum kind of touch there when flaccid. But today when going back to jelqs after 2 days off, my first few (overhand grip) jelq caught that large vein at the base of my penis - the one that seems to run “horizontally” if that makes sense - and it was somewhat painful. It felt as if by squeezing too hard I could really hurt it.

So what I did was start to adjust my grip a bit on the jelq to be less tight at the base until I can feel the vein roll under my grip a bit, then tighten it up. I did read somewhere on this site, though, that veins and skin do get conditioned or toughen up a little bit over time as you do these exercises. I am hopeful that this will make this problem disappear, but maybe my expectations are too high. Maybe something is wrong with my technique and/or penile anatomy.

Anyone have similar experience of a slightly painful, rolling vein getting conditioned to jelqs?

Thanks for everyone’s help here. Once I hit 30 posts I’ll start a progress log and track this issue as well as my general progress.

I should also point out that I have not had any EQ problems so far. If anything I think I am getting more frequent spontaneous erections and harder night time erections (they seem to wake me up these days).

The text book jelq does very little; this milking motion is for masturbating and not PE. I started there, I guess we all start there but it is poor methodology in my experience. For PE to be working you have to be applying stress, and textbook jelqing provides little stress. The common denominator of a excellent gainers is that they have all applied high levels of stress. You have to be smart about how much stress you can handle; you do not want to break the little guy. Uli’s are the proper execution (unfortunately, there are 100 different ways to jelq), but I have only jelqed in one fashion my entire PE lifetime. I don’t know how to define a ‘horse440’, sadsak, ‘v stretch’ all the myriad of lexicon, its just clutter (I guess I once knew and on a multiple choice test I might score high).

There are only two things to do in PE, 1) create expansion through good technique, and 2) create excessive stretching forces…you can do these two activities with Uli’s and hanging. That’s it. I have gained 2 inches in all dimensions, so it works. A guy like Bib did the same thing only to incredible limits, so it just comes down to applying incredible amounts of stress over a prescribed duration to elicit the appropriate deformity and improve the efficiency of your erectile system. High levels of discomfort is natural, but pain should be avoided.

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.

So I’ve decided I might have indeed hurt something around that vein. I have decide to stop jelqing for about a week and a half. I will resume light stretching next week and try to go back to jelqing when I feel 100% (hopeful for the following week). I am still experiencing mild pain around that vein on the right underside of shaft near the base where a large horizontal vein is. I feel it when I jelq and for some time (a day or so) afterwards. I would rather live with my modest package in good working order than break it, so I will exercise lots of caution if I am feeling pain.

I will start a progress thread and go from there.

Well it’s been a while. I’d love to say I was having no more pain, but I am still experiencing pain around this rolling vein on the underside of my penis. Everything still seems to work OK, but I am still a tad nervous about permanently damaging something. Any other theories or ideas as to what this might be?

If I leave it alone for a few days it does get mostly better, but starts hurting again when I do PE (jelqing mainly, but stretching can aggravate it). To be clear, it’s not a bad pain - it’s pretty mild. Still I hate the thought of hurting my penis. I have been fairly deliberate and careful about my technique, in particular by not squeezing too hard when I jelq.

I wish I knew what this was. I don’t want to give up PE, especially since it seems to be working. I either need to know what it is so I can fix it, or know what it is so that I know I can continue to PE safely with it.


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