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Straightening Techniques

Straightening Techniques

Has anyone had any success with straightening out the curve in their penis?

Any specific advice?


Hi Dave,

I have heard about a few approaches to correcting a curve. Some have had success with jelqing against the curve, but I have heard more reports from people making improvements through hanging (doctors sometimes prescribe this for people with peyronnes disease)

Hope this helps,


keeep going!

I am wary of hanging since I have heard it can lead a limp noodle. Plus it is a bit of a pain. One thing I have tried the last few days is, when erect, manually straightening the penis by pushing against the curve. Although it holds a straightened positions for a few secs it soon reverts to normal.

Is it actually safe to attempt to straighten? Could this not damage the structure of the penis?

As far as I am aware there have been very few reports of erectile dysfunction resulting from hanging- in general it is considered to be safer than manual stretching because you can exactly control the amount of weight you apply to your unit, which is not possible with manual stretching.

I have heard that some have tried erect bends/horseshoes (against the curve) to correct a curve. These are advanced exercises and not to be attempted by a newbie.

I think it is probably perfectly safe to attempt to straighten the penis. But just as enlarging the penis you will be altering the tissues within- THIS CANNOT BE DONE OVERNIGHT. Do not attempt to correct a curve in a few weeks. In the same way as enlargement is a commitment for months and years so will straightening be. Go slow and steady and you should be fine.


keeep going!

Dongers, Excellent advise !

This is definitely a long term solution. but it has great possibilities.

Davetherave !
I have made great progress in the last few months with basically jelqing, squeezing, and bending.

I’ve just recently built a vacuum tube (pumping) and am incorporating that into my program.

I’m very happy with the results so far, but not satisfied.

When I can chalk up the tip and shoot pool with it, then I’ll be satisfied. : ) I guess it needs to be a little straighter, and a lot longer to reach that goal.

Best of luck

Sidewinder, - - Formerly known as Straight Arrow.


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