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Straightened out the curve in my penis


Originally Posted by 2Big4u
When using a hanger, Does the hanger produce another curve? Like at the part it’s being hung from?

I am not entirely sure, later today when I am doing my jelqs I will inspect myself.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

How do you manual stretch?

I am circumcised, don’t know if this will matter. I try pulling down stretching when flaccid both with the excess foreskin (when soft) and try gripping base of the head. I twist or turn at against the curve.

Does anyone having manual stretching tips?

Also what about spinning your dick when it’s flaccid? Like a Chippendale. It stretches out and you can spin it in the opposite direction of the curve.. You can spin it while holding the base and slowly grip further towards the penis head to get it stretched at different points in your penis. Does this help any? I have seen something called windmill rotations.. Is this the same thing? Does anyone have any input, thanks

I think those are called helicopter stretches.

Welcom aboard, Vercetti102.

I have a curve that is shaped like the back half of a square root sign. The base is very thick and points upwards, then it hits the bend and my penis levels out (parallel to the floor). Once it hits the bend (it actually looks like more of a kink) I lose a lot of girth. I have been doing V stretches and sadsack’s slinky. I also jelq downwards and straight out with an upward angle. I figured that this would focus more on the kink.

I know that smoothing out this Kink will take time, I just want to make sure that I am approaching it correctly. Am I following a good workout regiment here? Any suggests on how to improve?

Don’t jelq downwards, it puts too much stress on vessels.


I am confused when you say it puts stress on the vessels.

I started jelqing downwards because I started going upwards with the standard OK grip. This left me with a some bruising around the base. Is that what you mean when you say stress on the vessels?
After that I switched to jelqing downwards using the overhand OK grip. I feel like I get a lot better grip and it is way closer to the base, which is thicker and holds more blood.

I thought that jelqing downward stretches your ligs and going up works the tunica more?
I know that is the opposite of what you said, I don’t want to come away with any bruising or vessel damage.

Basically now I am completely confused.


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