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Stop Masterbating

Stop Masterbating

I notice some people on here talking about the benifits of quitting masterbation or atleast lowering their frequency of masterbation. Are there really any benifits to this when trying to increase size?

I’ll beat westla to the punch on this one. No. There is no proven evidence that increasing, decreasing or stopping masturbation affects your gains in any way.

Regular masturbation is healthy.

I can’t see it hurting gains in anyway. Even if it did effect gains I would not change the amount that I masturbate or have sex. I like to have orgasms, PE will not make me change that. ;)

If you spank your monkry raw it will hurt to PE. Try and keep it under 5 hours spank time per day and you will be fine.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks guys, I didn’t think it would effect it much but thought I should get your opinions on it. I guess in the end common sense rules out.


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