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Still can't keep it up Help.fellow members

Still can't keep it up Help.fellow members

Hey Guys,
Hope all are well.

About a week ago I posted a thread about not being able to maintain a healthy erection, if any at all, after my first orgasm during sex.

It was suggested that my PE routine was WAY too much and that I should take a week off and considerably shorten my routine.

Well I did, but last night was disappointing (to me) to say the least! I was with my girlfriend and after an ok period of foreplay, I came after an extremely and noticeably SHORT period of time. I thought ‘ok.I could more than compensate for it during the second round.’ But wait.I couldn’t even maintain an erection to continue!

That is very worrying since I’m accustomed to continuing immediately after my first orgasm. My erection doesn’t usually subside. I’ve heard it being referred to as the ‘refractory’ period but I usually could keep going with a 90-100% erection.

It leads me to seriously ask the question, “Can over PEing contribute to any level of ED?!
And if so, how could I return to my usual form?

Any members ever experienced similar?

I’d do anything, well almost anything, to retrieve my longevity. Help.

Oh, by the way, is it possible to change my forum ID?

How old are you. Eventually as you age it will take longer to get a woody again. Now are you taking any new medications?

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I had the same problem after my first week of PEing. I didn’t get it up for 2 days in a row. I measured myself and id lost a whole inch on my BPEL. I rested 7 whole days, and was back to my normal self. It’s my 3rd week of PEing, and I’m doing a very light routine to stop the problems with my first week happening again.

I reckon if you over do it then maybe yes PEing can contribute to ED, but like Kingpole said the quality of you erections will diminish as you get older.

Take a cycle of L-arginine at 3mg to 5 mg a day for 6 weeks, then cut down to continue use of 3 mg a day. It will definitely help!

Not staying hard for very long after you orgasm is pretty much normal once you’re past 25…I guess.

I had a similar problem. I found out that I just wasn’t attracted to the girl as much as I thought I was after awhile. I found this out, because after her I ended up sleeping with a gorgeous girl and I had stayed more erect for a longer time. I think it could be all mental for you. Just think on it.

Thanks guys.

I am 25 and I’m hoping it’s a mental problem I can overcome. I’m also hoping that I haven’t lost interest in my girlfriend although subconsciously it gives rise to thought.

I haven’t been taking any new medications. Recently started with some Saw Palmetto supplements.

I’ll take a couple more days off to ‘rest’ and I’ll try that L-arginine.

Here’s to better days and great support. Cheers!

Fuck me, I can’t get a 90% erection the first time around and the thoughts of continuing a second time after coming is just alien to me. I didn’t really think about it before but I must have ED for the last 8 years ( the length I’m going out with my girlfriend)

Can’t talk gotta KEGAL.

Buy a cock ring or those long lasting condoms, or both.

So that’s what one of my ex girlfriends meant when she said”Come again”,I thought she just hadn’t heard what I said.

Saw palmetto for me had the affect of anaesthetising my prostate in particular and my whole genital area in general. If this is the case with you, then it could be a contributing factor.

You said you came after a short time - being slightly anaesthetised can cause this believe it or not, because the brain thinks more stimulation is needed, but the body decides that it is time to trigger orgasm.

This brings me to my 3rd observation: It is a little discussed fact that not being turned on ENOUGH can actually cause premature ejaculation. It is much easier to gauge the level of arousal when you are having mind blowing sensations, than when it is less sensational.

So one of my questions is this:
When you came, was the build up powerful, or did the orgasm arrive almost unexpectedly?

Anyway, I am confident you will soon be getting 100% rock hard.

What is saw palmetto - excuse my ignorance!

About this l-arginine, where can you get that stuff? Health food store? Pharmacy? I’ve heard so much about it I figure it’s about time I tried it out.

I would go on to ask about the benefits - what exactly it does - but I guess that’s what the “search” button is for.

:monty: Don\'t forget your KEGELS! :monty:

I had this problem some time ago when I first started penis enlargement. And I am sure it is your workout. You probably did a little nerve damage. But you have to rest it and let it heal and you’ll be as good as new after a while. You shoul keep doing PC excersises though!! A lot of them. I am 49y/o and my erections are rock hard now. I don’t wake up in the morning with wood anymore (big deal). But when my dick gets hard it is solid as steal. NO KIDDING.

Don’t blame you for being worried but I don’t think you need to. You might have to lay your routine for a month or so. Sounds like you need to do some healing.

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