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Statute of Limitations

Statute of Limitations

Do the exercises work for guys in their 60s and 70s?

As far as I understand it, there is no correlation between gains and age.

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Yes, documented by many guys. It works for all ages. It can also help with ED issues.

Where could I find the documentation?

Originally Posted by grandpa
Where could I find the documentation?

Right up in the search engine.

Here’s 3 I found. There’s a lot more just search around using both by posts/title searches.

Does Age matter

Age’s impact on PE

Gains in relation to age (Read the posts more than the poll stats)

Hey grandpa, I got started because of erectile issues and discovered PE as a nice side effect of my PH workouts.

Sure, go ahead and do it. I suspect that it may actually be easier for someone who is older to grow. I may be mistaken, but here is my reasoning and please don’t be offended by it, it is offered with intentions of helping and I’m not extremely tactful.

In the gym, there are all these older guys who like to hang out in the locker room naked, just standing around talking. They are really a pain in the rear because if one are sitting down to put on shoes or something they’ll just come up and ask for workout advice or strike up some other conversation. One thing they all have in common is saggy, old man balls and a saggy, old man dick. You know, the kind that hangs down a bit longer and a lot looser than it used to be.

As we get older, our tissues weaken and can stretch out easier. This includes ligaments, tendons, and well, pretty much any other tissue in the body. It seems to me that if one is doing a reasonable PE routine with enough time included for recovery it will do a few good things.

Thing 1 - grow more than your younger counterparts because of less tensile strength in the tissue to hold you back from growth.

Thing 2 - stimulate more blood flow to the area, improving nutrients and recovery down there. (Think of use it or lose it…you’ll be using it more)

Thing 3 - because of the improved blood flow, erections will be improved leading to a better dick. Even if it gets no bigger, it will be more useful and isn’t that what we are all really after? No one wants to own a 3” hard one or a 10” soft one since both are pretty much useless.

Sorry, these are just ideas that I have based on my own personal experience and the changes I noticed in myself from age 20 to age 37 (where I am now) in saggyness and loss of function. My own improved function since beginning my efforts. And my observations of saggy old guys who obviously aren’t doing anything useful. I have no scientific evidence to back it up.

The only two scientific formulas that matter to me are:

Formula 1: Eat + Sleep + Lift = GROW.

Formula 2: Stretch your dick + Make it hard + trap the blood in it = it will GROW.

Give it a shot, it may well be the best thing you’ve ever done. I know for me it was.

Either way, best wishes to you.

Long Grass, thanks for the search results. Very encouraging stuff.

I like your user-name, Grandpa :) Welcome to the forum and happy new year to you!

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