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Starting out from a thick angle

Starting out from a thick angle

I’ve never participated in any form of penile enhancement, but I’ve given a lot of careful thought as to what I want.

Rather than just simply ‘getting longer/bigger’, I want to specifically grow with girth as the primary goal.

The objective, I feel, is to have the thick, straight, muscular type of penis that girls usually fantasize about.

I’m 5 inch around and nearly 6 long, and if I could add an inch to each I’d be content with that. Of course one has to be able to maintain a quality erection, as it’s no good having a newly grown soggy noodle.

Ori hofmekler might be of great help to this side of things as he has a radio podcast about ‘food for sex’.

Some advice from more experienced growers would be much appreciated

Good luck davonue, but remember that it will probably be harder to gain length with a bigger girth. This is why people tend to go after length first.

Anyways, welcome to the posting side of the forum.

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